UFO Sightings Over Vienna And Graz In Austria Spark Alien Invasion Fears, Panicked Residents Call Police — ET Hunters Declare Sighting Proof That Aliens Exist [Video]

A recent mass sighting of an alleged disc-shaped UFO hovering silently and menacingly over the cities of Vienna and Graz in Austria sparked panic among some residents. Several spooked residents called police to report an imminent alien UFO invasion.

Spectacular photos and footage of the alleged UFO hovering and flying over Vienna and the southern city of Graz went viral online very quickly, with UFO enthusiasts stoking the flames of mass panic by declaring the images prove that extraterrestrial species are visiting Earth.

As the mysterious object flew in the night sky with bright lights glowing, hundreds of shocked residents stood looking up in the sky, while others snapped photos and took videos, according to the Local.

Hundreds took to social media to post photos of the bright UFO hovering menacingly over the city. Local media received scores of photos and video from worried residents. Several alarmed and panicked residents called the ice.

The bright object that looked like a flying saucer UFO with bright white and purple lights hovered over the city for several minutes before it flew away.

Social media users also reported that the UFO was seen in several other Austrian cities.

UFO enthusiasts recalled that a similar UFO was spotted over Moscow in Russia several years back.

Although Vienna police said they were investigating, officials did not release any statement to clarify the nature of the sighting. The official silence only helped to spread rumors of an official cover-up. Alien and UFO hunters alleged that the authorities were aware that the UFO was an extraterrestrial craft but did not want the people to know the truth.

But in the midst of the excitement over the incident, some skeptics took to social media to dismiss claims that the mysterious UFO was an extraterrestrial craft. Several alleged that close examination of photos and footage suggested it was a quadcopter, a remote-controlled multi-rotor craft.

But UFO enthusiasts rejected the reasonable explanation offered by skeptics, noting that a similar sighting had occurred over the Mostviertel region of Lower Austria during New Year’s celebrations in 2016. Footage (see video below) captured accidentally by a student during New Year’s celebration appeared to show a UFO being struck by lightning.

However, skeptics alleged that the footage was staged and that the expressions of shock on the faces of the students were fake.

The latest UFO sightings report from Vienna in Austria comes after the Inquisitr reported earlier in the month that hundreds of excited residents of the city of Geneva in Switzerland reported sighting a mysterious disc or oval-shaped craft hovering over the city and then speeding away on Wednesday, October 12.

Hundreds took to social media to report the sighting. Many uploaded photos and videos showing a craft with bright lights hovering in the dark skies over the La Praille area of the city near the stadium, before flying away.

Scores of excited witnesses who took to Facebook reported that the sighting occurred at about 8:30 p.m. The alleged UFO hovered over the stadium for several minutes and then sped away.

Multiple witnesses described it as a solid, dark-colored circular object that glowed brightly in the night sky as it flew away.

A shocked but excited Servette FC footballer, Matias Vitkieviez, took to Facebook to report the sighting.

“Everyone sees the same thing as me? It’s completely crazy! UFO above the industrial area behind the stage of la praille #ufogva.”

A witness told the Tribune de Geneve that the mysterious UFO was “as big as a plane.”

“It was about 8:30 p.m.,” the witness said. “The phenomenon lasted about 20 seconds and the object departed at once, as if it was burning.”

“We can hardly see anything on the photo,” a second witness reported on Facebook, “but we clearly distinguished an oval and flatted-shaped object with three lights; then it quickly disappeared.”

But UFO investigators soon debunked claims that an extraterrestrial craft had appeared over Geneva.

According to the UFO investigator Steve Brando, who runs the website UFOofInterest.org, the mass sighting was only a viral campaign by a group called Village du Soir (see video below).

And based on the evidence from the previous incident in Geneva, many skeptics declared that the latest sightings over Austrian cities, including Vienna and Graz, were also very likely part of a viral campaign and that the alleged UFO was a quadcopter.

[Image by Esteban de Armas/Shutterstock]