Jay Z Defends Beyonce For Not Reaching Out To Kim Kardashian Post-Robbery Attack

Maurice Cassidy

Jay Z is said to have defended Beyonce after Kanye West ranted about their daughter, Blue Ivy, never having played with North West.

Last week, the rapper gave a lengthy rant about his so-called industry friends, who have shown very little support following the news that Kanye's wife, Kim Kardashian, 36, was held at gunpoint and forced to hand over her expensive personal belongings.

West made it known that his rant was mostly aimed at Jay Z and Beyonce, Hollywood Take alleges, who have never taken the time of day to organize an event for Blue Ivy and North West, as the rapper made the revelation that North and Blue don't even know one another.

Following the rant that Kanye gave at one of his shows, Jay Z didn't hesitate to reach out to his closest group of friends, reportedly telling them that he's somewhat on the fence when it comes to his friendship with West and his relationship with Beyonce.

"Jay Z is torn between his wife and one of his closest friends," the source mentions. "Jay has no problem coming over to check on Kanye [West] or bringing his daughter over to play with North but with everyone's busy lifestyles, traveling and work, it is not always that easy."

At the same time, however, it should be noted that Beyonce has never been friends with Kim Kardashian — neither do they share the same interests. When the R&B singer does happen to be in the presence of Kim, she carries herself graciously and makes small talk, but it has never led to Beyonce asking Kardashian whether she wants to link up and do something together.

Beyonce and Kim are from completely different worlds, and while the "Sorry" singer has no ill feelings towards the 36-year-old, she doesn't see much of a reason why she should feel so involved in the reality star's life.

"Beyonce is very protective of Blue and while they haven't been intentionally avoiding visiting Kim and her children, playdates between Blue and North have never been a priority either," a source continues to tell Hollywood Life.

Of course, when the incident took place, Beyonce had been gearing up for the "TIDAL" concert with her husband, but sources say that there was a definite phone call made from Jay Z's side. It wasn't to the extent that the music mogul was going to fly out and see Kim and Kanye, but Jay did check in to see if everything was okay, which seemed good enough for the father of one.

Kanye, of course, didn't think that was enough, and his decision to air out the tension between himself, Beyonce and Jay Z has proven just that.

It's unclear whether West plans to remain friends with Jay Z, particularly since the music mogul has failed to show any sort of interest regarding Kim's Paris ordeal, but from what's been gathered, things aren't looking too good for the former best pals as of right now.

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