‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: Where Are Morgan And Carol?

The first episode of The Walking Dead Season 7 did a job of destroying its viewers. The episode took one of the most beloved characters on the show in Glenn and not only killed him, but did it in such a violent way that many fans said they may never watch the show again. However, there is so much more to come that is exciting and fun, and much of it will include the whereabouts of Carol and Morgan, a place known as The Kingdom.

A YouTube sneak peek clip from this week’s second episode of The Walking Dead Season 7 shows exactly where Morgan and Carol are. It also makes it look like Carol has been unconscious for awhile, while Morgan was getting to know a brand new group, called The Kingdom, that will end up helping Rick this season on The Walking Dead.

Anyone who has read The Walking Dead comic books or has followed a lot of The Walking Dead spoilers this summer knows exactly what The Kingdom is, and knows its leader, King Ezekiel. However, for those who don’t know, and are interested, here is the lowdown.

Much like Alexandria, The Hilltop, and Negan’s camp of the Saviors, The Kingdom is yet another community that was built up after the fall of the world to the zombie apocalypse. Why it took Rick and company six seasons to find even one of these large peaceful communities is a mystery.


However, now there are four of these communities and there is a war coming. King Ezekiel is a former zookeeper who developed The Kingdom along with a man he met named Paul Monroe. For fans who keep track of the characters from the television version of The Walking Dead, Paul is known on the show as Jesus.

That means that the introduction of The Kingdom has been set up since Jesus forced himself into Alexandria by annoying Rick and Daryl until they pretty much arrested him. While that was the only introduction of any member of The Kingdom at the time, it was The Walking Dead season finale that finally brought out more members.


For Walking Dead fans who remember Morgan saving Carol after she left Alexandria, there was the moment at the end where two men on horseback showed up and offered to help them. Those two men took Morgan and Carol to The Kingdom and nursed Carol back to health. As Morgan said, he had gotten to know King Ezekiel during that time.


As the Inquisitr previously reported, King Ezekiel has a tiger named Shiva in the comics and that tiger will also be part of The Walking Dead television series. Actor Logan Miller is a newcomer and part of The Kingdom and he said that fans have a lot of fun stuff coming when it comes to the newcomers, including King Ezekiel.

“It’s crazy, everybody knows Ezekiel and the Kingdom from the comics. I think depicting that on screen, it has a crazy world to it that almost feel to me very Mad Max-ish or like living in the realm of the Thunder Dome or Evil Dead 3, Army of Darkness situation.”

This Sunday, fans will finally get a chance to see what King Ezekiel and The Kingdom is all about. If we are lucky, we might get to see Shiva as well. Maybe it will help ease the pain caused by those gut-wrenching deaths in The Walking Dead Season 7’s premiere.

[Featured Image via AMC]