Tyler Perry Thriller ‘Alex Cross’ Receiving Negative Early Reviews

The Tyler Perry thriller Alex Cross, the third movie featuring James Patterson’s famous literary character, has failed to earn the kudos of those who have already seen the feature. A quick look at the early reviews posted at Rotten Tomatoes suggest that the film may have a difficult time winning over critics. However, as Perry has proven time and time again, negative reviews really don’t mean a thing.

The Hollywood Reporter film critic Todd McCarthy explained that you almost feel sorry for Tyler Perry, adding that even his talents can’t save an otherwise “lackluster thriller.” However, for fans of bad movies, there might be plenty of unintentional entertainment to be found.

“Among other things, Alex Cross features a mano-a-mano climax that is a strong contender for the title of worst major fight scene ever to grace a major motion picture. The lighting is dark, it’s framed so tightly you can’t tell who’s hitting whom or what’s going on, and the camera’s intense jitters make it a virtual parody of filmmakers trying to make something exciting by shaking the camera. It’s incredible one of the six producers didn’t notice this and demand a retake,” McCarthy wrote.

While Variety critic Peter Debruge expressed his dislike for Alex Cross, as well, he did explain that Tyler Perry isn’t necessarily the film’s problem. “Much of that is [Rob] Cohen’s fault: The director acquits himself on the action front, but makes the simple procedural elements feel wooden and melodramatic, particularly in sappy home-life scenes,” Debruge explained. “Perry clearly feels more comfortable with the latter, fawning over the news that his wife is pregnant or playfully sparring with Cicely Tyson as his overbearing “Nana Mama” — moments that would be right at home in one of his own films.”

The film, which Screen Daily critic Tim Grierson believed was derailed by Perry’s co-stars, is based on the 12th book in James Patterson’s long-running series. Although negatives reviews often cripple box office openings, Tyler Perry’s fans don’t seem to care what the nation’s critics have to say about his work.

Will you catch Tyler Perry in Alex Cross when it opens in theaters this weekend?