Eugenia Cooney's Mother: Should Allegedly Anorexic YouTube Star’s Weight And Death Fears Be Turned Into Eating Disorder Recovery Journey Instead Of Ban? [Videos]

Paula Mooney

Eugenia Cooney is one YouTube star that is getting tons of attention lately. Folks are worried about Eugenia because Cooney has appeared shockingly thin in her videos. So much so that Eugenia made the following video, titled "I'm Sorry," in which Cooney claims that she doesn't have a problem with anorexia. While Cooney doesn't admit to being anorexic, Eugenia does state that she doesn't want people to be so mean and hateful to others.

Warning: Some of the below Eugenia Cooney videos might contain content or language that's upsetting to viewers.

Online, people are searching for a plethora of things about Cooney, including wanting to know Eugenia's age, Cooney's weight, and even what Eugenia looks like without makeup. Cooney's exact age could not readily be found.

Those searching for videos of what Cooney looked like "before anorexia," a search term people are using according to Google's suggestion options, could view videos like the one below, which compares the shape of Eugenia's face prior to Cooney losing more weight.

That YouTube video from the Vexxed YouTube channel shows the results from anorexia forums proclaiming Cooney as one of their body image goals, with some folks writing that Eugenia's anorexic look makes them jealous, or that her thin body makes them feel fat.

The YouTube video creator points out that some people on anorexia forums even say that Eugenia is too thin for a body goal.

They claim that Eugenia purposely creates YouTube thumbnails that show off a shockingly thin body that appears anorexic.

The YouTube creator estimates Eugenia's current BMI to hover around 15, which is why there's a big hubbub surrounding the health and wellness of Cooney.

It's no wonder a petition has asked YouTube to ban Eugenia, with the allegedly anorexic vlogger, according to the Daily Mail‎, causing so much concern among viewers that some of them temporarily want Eugenia banned from creating any more videos.

Detractors claim that Eugenia isn't just harming herself, but Cooney is also harming young girls and boys who look up to her and have already dropped weight in order to look like Eugenia.

Perhaps with Eugenia banned from YouTube, Cooney would not be encouraged to be so thin. However, perhaps the best bet would be for Eugenia to use her YouTube income in order to pay for treatment and film her alleged eating disorder recovery journey. That choice might help more people get well along with Cooney.

Cooney's mother was criticized in the below video for not helping Eugenia more than she has already.

As seen in the following tweet, one Instagram user used her anorexic condition to help others as she went through eating disorder recovery.