Kids Vote For President, Obama Wins Scholastic News Vote

The kids have spoken! Nearly a quarter of a million students turned in their ballots for a mock presidential election, and the winner is … Barack Obama. While many of these kids had to stay up past their bedtime to watch the presidential debate, the Scholastic Student vote has accurately predicted the campaign outcome in all but two of presidential elections since 1940.

Obama won this year’s student vote with 51 percent of the students’ votes. Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate, came in second with 45 percent of the votes, while the remaining 4 percent of students voted for other candidates.

The mock election, which is sponsored by Scholastic Magazine, is open to student under 18 and is intended to give youth a chance to learn about the presidential candidates. The Scholastic Magazine website offers answers to basic questions such as “Why do we have presidential debates?” and “What are blue states and red states?” The polls are open from August 15 to October 10 to allow students to cast their votes for president.

In addition to the presidential vote, students also weighed in on current political topics. Kids this year asserted that their primary concerns are the economy, health care, and the war in Afghanistan. Of those polled, 67 percent said that they talk with their parents about politics on a regular basis.

Ninety percent say they want to be president someday.

While many believe this race for president will be neck and neck, the kids of America have chosen their leader. Readers, what do you think? Are the students right?