Michelle Duggar To Stump For, You Guessed It, Todd Akin

Michelle Duggar, the baby-making factory at the center of TLC’s popular (Insert Number Of Kids) And Counting, is a clear advocate of large families and one who has gone on the record in the past as opposing contraception, so it is probably not a massive surprise to learn that the hyper-fertile mom of 19 is a supporter of controversial politician Todd Akin.

Michelle Duggar is well-known to American viewers following the success of her show, but Todd Akin only hit the national stage this summer when remarks he made about the likelihood of pregnancy following a rape on local news became widely distributed via the internet.

Akin’s comments about pregnancy being nearly impossible after a rape directly conflict with scientific findings, which indicate that pregnancy resultant from rape is actually more common that that resulting from sex to which the woman has consented, in part due to the fact that reproductive planning and pregnancy prevention is easier to carry out when sex is expected and welcome.

But science doesn’t hold much stock for people like Michelle Duggar and Todd Akin.

Todd Akin's latest comments are factually wrong too

And in fact, when asked about Akin’s position — one that is highly offensive to much of the female population — Duggar seemed to be at least in part in agreement with Akin, and she said of the notion that a rape victim’s body “shuts down” so conception cannot occur:

“I’m not a scientist, but there are a lot of contradictions. There was a time in the world when scientist thought the world was flat. I don’t buy into science.”

Are you surprised that Michelle Duggar is a Todd Akin supporter?