Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Find Enemies At Public Schools

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos may soon be removed from California and New Mexico schools after officials complained the foodstuff is a health hazard for students, according to ABC News. Since the nutritional value of the popular snack is practically nil, schools are looking to completely remove the product from school snack machines and menus.

Unfortunately for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos fans in one Illinois school district, the food has already been removed from its menu. In addition to containing 26 grams of fat, the snack will give prospective munchers nearly one-fourth of the salt they need on a daily basis. When you bump that puppy up to the family size, you can expect to consume 44 grams of fat and over 700 calories. As a result, school officials are understandably anxious to get snack out of the hands of their charges.

Rockford School District Interim Superintendent Robert Willis doesn’t care what the kids eat when they’re at home. However, as soon as students step onto school property, it ultimately becomes the school’s problem.

“If children were to bring in snacks that are high in fat, high in calories, that’s their choice, he explained. “We’re not going to be providing those kinds of foods.”

The KY Post reports that a health teacher at Lyndon B. Johnson Middle School in New Mexico went as far as to send a letter home to parents in order to keep the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos out of the building. Not only are the kids sharing these unhealthy snacks with other students, they have a tendency to leave red fingerprints wherever they go.

“My daughter brings snack packs to school,” one parent explained to KTLA. “I don’t have her bringing a family size pack of Cheetos to school. Just because I know my child and I know she would eat the whole bag in one day.”

Do you think schools should ban students from consuming Flamin’ Hot Cheetos while on school property?