Kim Dorsey, Lance Kirkpatrick: 'Dateline' NBC On Brutal Stabbing Death Of Firefighter's Wife Who Had Sex Affair With Killer In Jacksonville, Florida

Kim Dorsey had a sexual affair with Lance Kirkpatrick, her former lover, the same man who killed her. Dateline NBC will chronicle the tragic murder tonight. Authorities say Lance Kirkpatrick was Derrick Dorsey's friend. Derrick Dorsey was married to Kim Dorsey and was a well-known firefighter in Jacksonville, Florida. When the murder happened four years ago, there was substantial interest in the case since the victim was the wife of a fireman. The Dateline NBC episode dealing with Kim Dorsey's murder is called "In Cold Blood." Today, Lance Kirkpatrick is serving life in a Florida prison.

Dateline NBC: "In Cold Blood"

Andrea Canning takes you along on the investigation into the rape, beating, and murder of a firefighter's wife. A stolen key, a storm, and the days leading up to Halloween add an extra layer of suspense and terror to this case.

Wife Found Dead In Gated Community Home

Dateline NBC's episode will begin with Derrick Dorsey, who had just finished his shift at the local fire department. But when he arrived home, he made a grisly discovery. His wife, Kim Dorsey, was dead on the floor in a pool of blood. When police arrived at the Eastbury Drive home located in Highland Glen, a gated subdivision, they found the victim with badly beaten eyes filled with blood and ties on her hands. The 38-year-old's body was already stiff with rigor mortis. An autopsy report found that she had been raped before she was beaten with a pool cue and stabbed in the throat.

At the scene, some areas of the home had been ransacked and items were taken from the home. It appeared that this was a case of robbery that turned to murder.

Without any leads or physical evidence in the case, law enforcement investigators decided to hold a press conference to alert the public to listen out for any stories and to report any clues they may have about the murder. Eventually, the case went cold, Dateline will report.

However, things heated up after police received a tip from a man who said that Lance Kirkpatrick had admitted to killing Kim Dorsey. Detectives also learned that Lance Kirkpatrick used to live with the Dorseys and worked in their construction business, according to Action News Jax.

31-year-old Lance Kirkpatrick, a once-married drug addict, later admitted that he had gone to Kim Dorsey's home to talk with Derrick about getting some money days before but decided to return with Derrick was not home so that he could steal something of value to pay off a drug debt.

On Dateline NBC: A Case of Manslaughter or Murder?

At trial, the defense tried to paint a sympathetic picture of Lance Kirkpatrick as a man who had struggled to get his life together financially while battling a fierce drug problem. Family members said that Lance was a loving father to his son. His ex-wife, Christy Kirkpatrick, told jurors that her ex-husband had never been physically violent during the marriage, the Florida Times Union reported.

Lance Kirkpatrick, an ex military man, was once in the Army but kicked out when he failed a drug test. He led Derrick Dorsey to believe that he was his friend. Instead, he was having sex with Kim Dorsey every chance he could get. Introducing Derrick to some other women also allowed Lance more time with Kim. Derrick Dorsey also admitted to having extramarital affairs. He stated the following, according to Jacksonville's The Florida Times Union.

"I saw my wife lying face down on the floor in the carpet. I saw blood and zip ties on her wrists. I thought he was my friend."

Many people say Lance Kirkpatrick should have gotten the death penalty for what he did to Kim Dorsey. The beating that he gave her was so brutal, there is no way that he could have been the nice and loving person whom his family members described.

Prosecutors say Lance Kirkpatrick used the Dorsey's key that they kept hidden outside to enter the home, where he attacked Kim Dorsey, raped her, tied her up, and then killed her after she broke free and fired shots at him.

As for former firefighter Derrick Dorsey, he still lives in Jacksonville, Florida, and is now remarried, his Facebook page shows. He recently shared the following post.

To get more inside details and a better understanding of the case, watch Dateline NBC tonight at 9/8 p.m. Central. On Dateline last week, the case of Bob McClancy was aired. Should Lance Kirkpatrick have received the death penalty? Does this case make you leery of allowing "friends" to live in your home?

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