Jack Osbourne Tortured At Bachelor Party, Says It Was Awesome

Jack Osbourne didn’t make the cut for the reality show Stars Earn Stripes, where celebrities undergo real military training, but it wasn’t for lack of practice on Jack’s part.

The star had a bit of unexpected anti-terrorism training when his friends decided to have Jack kidnapped during his bachelor party, Reality TV Magazine reported.

As Jack Osbourne explained to Hello! magazine, the kidnapping included real exposure to torture — or so he says.

“I went to Las Vegas with some friends and we rode dune buggies in the desert, fired guns… and I was kidnapped,”Jack Osbourne said. “My friends flew out some guys from counter terrorism squadrons in the UK and they kidnapped me from the Palazzo hotel.”

It got more intense from there.

“I got waterboarded, I got tortured – it was pretty awesome,” Jack Osbourne added. “I don’t think many people can say of their bachelor party. I got tortured by a member of Delta Force, a Navy SEAL, and two members of the SAS.”

Whether it was awesome or not, things have gotten a lot better for Jack Osbourne since the bachelor party. He and girlfriend Lisa Stelly were married October 6 in Hawaii in an intimate ceremony in front of 48 guests, ABC News reported.

Jack Osbourne and Lisa Stelly have a daughter together, five-month-old Pearl Clementine. The celebration came at the end of a tough year, torture not withstanding, for the Osbourne family. Jack was diagnosed with MS just weeks after Pearl was born in April, but he said the couple is optimistic.