‘One Piece’ Manga Chapter 844: Sanji’s Brutal Attack On Luffy To Break The Friendship Or Kill The Straw Hat Leader? [Spoilers]

One Piece manga chapter 844 surprisingly continues where it left off. It appears mangaka Eiichiro Oda really likes to drive the point home and make Sanji’s attitude towards the Luffy D. Monkey and the Straw Hats gang amply clear to the fans of the popular Japanese manga.

[Warning: One Piece manga Chapter 843 recap and 844 spoilers ahead]

Perhaps events outlined in the current chapter of popular Japanese manga One Piece may indicate where the once ironclad friendship between Straw Hats captain Luffy and world-famous chef Sanji is headed. If Sanji’s temperament and behavior towards Luffy doesn’t alter in the upcoming chapters or if there’s no big twist in the tale, the duo’s friendship just might turn sour, and once-best-friends Luffy and Sanji could become each other’s nemesis. Fortunately, despite the intense physical torture and verbal assault, chapter 844 of One Piece reveals Luffy’s legendary resolve.

Chapter 844 of One Piece surprisingly picks up from where the earlier chapter left off. After overcoming some difficult odds, and defeating one of Big Mom’s three important commanders, Luffy and Nami manage to escape the Seducing Woods with the help of Charlotte Linlin’s ex-husband Pound, and the feared tree known as King Baum.


The quartet races towards Big Mom’s castle, where the Vinsmoke clan is supposed to be exchanging gifts as part of a pre-wedding ceremony. However, they encounter the large Germa 66 parade led by a huge “Cat-rriage.” Apart from Sanji, the large carriage is ferrying his brothers Ichiji, Yonji, and Niji, as well as his sister Reiju and father Judge Vinsmoke.


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An overjoyed Luffy, upon gazing at his friend, can’t control his euphoria and races to meet Sanji, only to be abruptly halted and insulted by the latter. Instead of greeting his friend with wide open arms, in the previous chapter, Sanji had hurled a number of insults at Luffy, and even kicked him far away from the carriage. In the current chapter, Sanji continues to mount insult after insult on Luffy, as the latter stands there completely bewildered.


Sanji rudely informs Luffy that he wishes to be a Vinsmoke royalty and marry Lady Pudding. Sanji claims that he no longer wants to be associated with the Straw Hats pirates as he considers them nothing more than a “tiny ragtag bunch of dirt-poor pirates.” Once a friend unto death who shared Luffy’s dream of living the pirate life and conquering the seas at will, Sanji claims that he admires Big Mom’s “iron fist” ruling technique as well as her immense wealth that the Straw Hats “can only dream of.” Sanji even openly questions Luffy’s ambition of becoming the pirate king, and adds that he won’t bet on him, reported GameNGuide.


Claiming that Luffy is acting “in direct conflict” with his “best interest,” Sanji throws a powerful kick at a too-shocked-to-respond Luffy. Although Luffy manages to sustain the impact, Sanji doesn’t let up, and continues to rain kicks, while Nami watches in complete bewilderment. Despite being thrown off, hurled and hurt, a profusely bleeding Luffy doesn’t retaliate or try to defend himself. Instead, Luffy says he won’t fight his best friend. Hearing these words, Sanji orders Luffy to get out of his sight. Surprisingly, despite being badly hurt, Luffy refuses to listen to Sanji and claims he will stay put. As a response, Sanji continues to kick and punch Luffy.


Nami, who is watching Sanji beat Luffy to a pulp, protests, but Luffy interrupts her and says he is fine with whatever is happening. Watching Luffy’s resolve, Sanji seems to get even more agitated and kicks the Straw Hats captain right in the stomach and punches him in the face.

During the intense one-sided assault, Luffy remembers the early days when, having been thoroughly impressed by Sanji’s culinary skills, he invited the young chef to be his “nakama.” Meanwhile, the Germa army watches Sanji relentlessly attack Luffy and can’t help but note that he is indeed a Vinsmoke.


Having had enough of Sanji’s antics and unacceptable behavior, Nami calmly approaches him and lands a resounding slap right across his face. Her singular slap mesmerizes Sanji’s brothers, who, in the previous chapter, were shown to be infatuated with Nami. An ever-polite Nami apologizes for her “heavy-handed approach,” and assures him that she and Luffy will be leaving.


Mildly impressed by Sanji’s atrocious behavior, Judge Vinsmoke appreciates him for severing his “useless bonds” with the Straw Hats gang. As the Germa 66 procession is about to proceed, a badly wounded Luffy scrambles to his feet and yells that leaving the Straw Hats group and breaking the bonds of friendship isn’t that easy.

It is quite apparent that Luffy refuses to believe a single word or insult that Sanji hurled at him. While Sanji sits with his head buried in his hands, Luffy claims everything the chef said was fake, and he is a poor liar. Luffy launches into an emotionally charged monologue, insisting that the physical attack wasn’t hurting him, but was painful to the one inflicting them.


Even when Nami attempts to scold Luffy, the latter silences her and yells that he will not be leaving the spot until Sanji himself meets him. As an added threat to rekindle the supposedly extinguished flame of friendship, Luffy adds, starting immediately, he is on a hunger strike, and won’t eat or drink anything until Sanji himself prepares something and feeds him with his own hands. Luffy ends his speech by saying he is incomplete without his best chef, and won’t “become a pirate king,” unless Sanji is by his side.

Meanwhile, Reiju, who has always had a soft corner for Sanji, understands the emotional turmoil the latter is going through, and asks him if they should stop, reported Parent Herald. However, knowing better, Sanji asks to continue the procession.


Sanji’s expressions appear to indicate he was merely trying to create an impression that he was abandoning Luffy and the Straw Hats gang. His frustration reveals he simply wants to protect Luffy and Nami from the Judge’s wrath. Moreover, the two are greatly outnumbered by the genetically enhanced soldiers of the Germa 66 army, and it won’t be an appropriate time to try and escape. Additionally, unknown to Luffy, Big Mom had placed magical bracelets on Sanji’s hands to prevent his escape. As an added precaution, Judge Vinsmoke had threatened to kill Zeff if Sanji attempted to escape.

Will Sanji’s behavior end the deep bond of friendship with Luffy? Will Nami persuade Luffy to give up the hunger strike and help Sanji? Hopefully chapter 845 of One Piece manga will answer these questions.

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