CIA Arranged Bride Plot To Kill Alleged Terrorist Anwar al Awlaki, New Report Claims

The CIA arranged a bride in a plot to kill a suspected terrorist in what sounds more like a slapstick comedy than operations within the most sophisticated intelligence agency in the world, a report alleges.

The CIA’s arranged bride plot came to light in the report in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, but the Central Intelligence Agency has declined to comment on the plan for obvious reasons. (Hint: because they are the CIA.)

The CIA arranged bride plot report in the European press alleged that the agency offered up $250 large in a bid to snag American-born Anwar al Awlaki, utilizing a spy within Al Qaeda to try to lure the wanted terrorist. ABC News translated the Danish reports, and the news site says:

“… In the case of the terrorist bride, the purported CIA double agent, Morten Storm, a Danish convert to Islam, provided the newspaper with ‘proposal’ videos and e-mail texts he says al Awlaki exchanged with the woman, a 32-year old Croatian named Aminah who said she was an admirer of al Awlaki … ‘I am 32 years old and am ready for dangerous things,’ she wrote, according to texts posted by the paper. ‘I am ready to die for the sake of Allah.’ “


Alas, the paper indicates that the CIA arranged bride plot was foiled by Al Qaeda operatives when the woman used as bait in the plan was advised by cell members to ditch her suitcase (which is said to have been bugged by the CIA) upon arriving in Yemen. According to Storm, “both of them would be killed in an American drone strike” had the CIA arranged bride plot come to fruition as planned.

While the CIA arranged bride plot was foiled, Anwar al Awlaki was killed in a strike in 2011.

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