‘RoboCop’ Remake Pushed To The Winter Of 2014

Director Jose Padilha’s RoboCop remake won’t arrive in theaters until 2014, according to JoBlo. The film, which was originally slated to arrive on August 9, 2013, has been pushed to the following February. Given that the movie has been bumped from its late-summer release to the doldrums of February, there’s a strong chance that the studio is quickly losing faith in the forthcoming retelling.

To fill the void left by the departure of RoboCop from the August release date, District 9 director Neill Blomkamp’s Elysium has been moved from its March 3, 2013 slot to August 9, 2013. Although no specific reason was given for the shift, chances are the studio is looking to give Blomkamp’s highly-anticipated follow-up a more promising release date.

As Worst Previews points out, Sony Pictures has yet to release any official images from the RoboCop remake. From the outside looking in, it would appear that executives aren’t exactly thrilled with the footage director Jose Padilha is producing. Given the amount of negativity surrounding the set photos that have been leaked online, one would think that Sony would be interested in giving fans something substantial to sink their teeth into.

As of this writing, the official Facebook page for the film contains a few fake OmniCorp images, nothing more. If the studio is interested in circumventing some of the bad press, they might want to use the page’s increasing popularity to their advantage.

Internet Movie Database describes the remake as follows:

“In a crime-ridden city, a fatally wounded cop returns to the force as a powerful cyborg with submerged memories haunting him.”

Given the talent in front and behind the camera, it’s strange that Sony Pictures is willing to dump the project in the month of February. As any movie fan will tell you, this is essentially where motion pictures go to die a quick, painless death.

The RoboCop remake — which stars Joel Kinnaman, Abbie Cornish, Samuel L. Jackson, Jackie Earle Haley, Jay Baruchel, Michael Keaton, and Gary Oldman — is presently slated to hit theaters on February 7, 2014.