‘RHONJ’ Star Joe Gorga Admits He Used To Be A Chippendales Dancer At Reunion Show

At The Real Housewives of New Jersey season four reunion, Joe Gorga dropped a major bombshell (and one that didn’t involve his sister, Teresa Giudice).

Everyone has to start somewhere, and Gorga confessed that he started at Chippendales as an exotic dancer. While he was sitting with the other RHONJ men for a discussion of this season’s top moments, Gorga defended Jacqueline Laurita when talk turned to her alleged one-time gig as an exotic dancer.

“What’s the problem with a stripper?” The 38-year-old Gorga asked after Joe Giudice said that Chris Laurita had previously told him how he met his wife Jacqueline (while she was a stripper in Las Vegas). Chris Laurita agreed, “We talk about strippers like serial killers,” he said. He actually met Jacqueline at a trade show in Chicago, notes Us Weekly.

After talk revealed that most of his RHONJ cast members don’t really have a problem with strippers after all, Gorga admitted that he himself used to be an exotic dancer for Chippendales, albeit while he was in college and only for a year. “I had a g-string that looked like an elephant,” Melissa’s husband and father of her three children admitted. “I made a couple thousand a night and had a great time!”

Everyone laughed, but of course things quickly got deadly serious when Gorga’s tensions with sister Teresa Giudice were eventually brought up, notes the Christian Post. Gorga claimed that his sister had ruined his family, stating, “I’ve been hurt so bad — it’s tough.”

He explained that “I didn’t just lose my sister, I lost my parents.” Giudice countered that Gorga had distanced himself, to which he responded “You’ve got to stop this, Teresa. If you stop, we can maybe be a family.”

So … that’s still happening.

What do you think of Joe Gorga’s revelation that he used to be a Chippendales exotic dancer?