George Zimmerman’s Defense Cries Foul In Evidence Handling

George Zimmerman’s attorneys have lodged a request ahead of a major hearing in the Trayvon Martin case, alleging that prosecutor Angela Corey’s office is slow to release evidence to them for review and that the format of the evidence is sometimes difficult for defense attorneys to examine.

George Zimmerman was arrested in the spring after he shot Florida teen Trayvon Martin to death on in Sanford, Florida on February 26. The case has been divisive in America, where many felt that law enforcement did not handle the arrest of Zimmerman (which did not occur for six more weeks) in a timely fashion.

George Zimmerman’s attorney Donald West said in the motion filed Monday:

“The state’s approach to discovery has been to require the defense to figure out what the state has failed to provide and then ask for it rather than fulfilling the state’s legal obligation to provide complete and timely discovery.”

Angela Corey’s office has not yet had time to address the motion filed by attorneys for George Zimmerman. As the case trudges forward and the parents of Trayvon Martin push for justice for their teenage son, the pair have launched a new website ( seeking to reform Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” laws in the wake of Martin’s killing.

Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” laws have been in the spotlight since Martin’s death, with many feeling George Zimmerman was justified in his killing of the teen under the broad-ranging self-defense laws in the state. Others have contended that, under the law and the facts even as described by Zimmerman, Martin himself would have been justified in using deadly force during the confrontation that ultimately led to his death.

George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin

On the site, Martin’s parents implore:

“Stand your ground is a solution in search of a problem, and it’s a terrible solution, with tragic results; like the death of our son. These laws need to be revised to require prosecutorial or judicial review… We have created this movement to honor our son who taught us that live is truly beautiful. Please join the Change for Trayvon Martin movement today so that we can create change that saves lives and prevents parents from experiencing the grief that we have had to endure.”

Do you think George Zimmerman’s attorneys are stalling, or is he unlikely to get a fair trial based on the high-profile nature of the case?