Halloween Costume Ideas 2016: All The Best DIY, Cheap, And Easy Last-Minute Ideas To Wear This Halloween

Halloween Costume Ideas 2016: All The Best DIY, Cheap, And Easy Last-Minute Ideas To Wear This Halloween

Halloween 2016 is almost here, which means anyone looking for a good costume idea has just a few days left to pull it off.

And with precious little time left, your options are limited. You can head out to the party supply store and overpay for a generic costume, you can pull last year’s costume out of the closet and hope it still looks good (and it’s still relevant), or you can put in just a little bit of time and a few bucks and make your own Halloween costume.

If you’ve tried Googling “last-minute costume ideas” and kept coming up with the same four or five ideas, then this is the place to turn. Below you will find a list of the most creative costume ideas for Halloween 2016, including some that you can put together with items you likely already have lying around your house.

Here are some of those Halloween costume ideas for 2016.

Bag of jelly beans

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The idea comes from Pop Sugar, and this costume is very simple to pull off. It’s likely you already have everything you need for this DIY Halloween costume, but if not, you can pick up everything you need for under $10 at a local grocery store.

“Get a clear trash bag, cut holes for your arms and legs to fit through,” the report instructed. “Print the nutritional facts on the back of the costume, just like what you see on the backs of candy bags. Fill up the bag with colored balloons for the jellybeans, and tie up the trash bag near your neck with a ribbon.”

There’s another easy variation to this idea; the bag of ice. Complete all the same steps, but substitute bits of white foam packing peanuts for the balloons.

Human loofah

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This is a good DIY Halloween costume idea that takes just a bit of work. Another idea from Pop Sugar, it requires some tulle from a fabric store that’s been bunched up and pinned (or sewn, if you’re more adventurous) to an outfit. It will fit nicely on a t-shirt or tank top with solid colored pants. A piece of thick white string is tied in a loop near the middle to complete the outfit.

The Scooby Doo Gang

The gang’s all here! Sweet cosplay, @geneticdiabetic! #TheGang #Shaggy #Velma #Daphne #Fred #ScoobyDoo

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Are you looking for a good group Halloween costume idea? This is a great one to pull off, since the members of the mystery-solving squad wear solid colors, and it could make for a fun group activity to hit up the Goodwill story to find the costume. Bonus points if you have a Great Dane.

Minecraft costume

There are plenty of Minecraft Halloween costumes you can buy for a small fortune, but why not make your own? It’s a fun activity to share with kids that could be done in around an hour or two with some cardboard and markers.

A step-by-step process on how to make your own Minecraft Halloween costume can be found at Vinobaby’s Voice.

Deviled eggs

She's the bacon to my eggs! #InstaSister #deviledeggscostume #BaconCostume #Halloween2015 #Instafunny

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If you’ve got devil horns lying around from last year’s costume, you’re halfway there. Just get an all-white shirt or sweater, cut out a piece of yellow construction paper, and you’ve got it.

Cereal killer

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Another good pun-loving costume, this just requires you to strategically cut up some cereal boxes and grab a fake knife. You can add some fake blood (or strawberry syrup, if you’re trying to keep it cheap and easy) for this DIY Halloween costume.

More Halloween 2016 costume ideas

If none of these ideas strike your fancy, you can find countless more DIY and last-minute Halloween costume ideas by poking around on Instagram or Pinterest. Or you could always go with the old standby ghost costume of a white sheet with a pair of eye holes cut into it.

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