Chelsea Handler Isn’t Interested In Having The Lohans On Her Show

Chelsea Handler, comedienne and talk show host, recently revealed that she isn’t at all interested in having Paris Hilton or the Lohans on her program anytime soon. During an interview with the folks at Access Hollywood, Handler dished on the people she didn’t want to see sitting across from her on the show. When it’s time for Lindsay Lohan to do the talk show circuit once again, don’t expect Chelsea to accommodate her.

When Access Hollywood asked Chelsea Handler who she wouldn’t want to interview on her program, the host was quick to toss out a few recognizable names. “Well probably Paris Hilton or something,” she said. “She hasn’t begged [to come on], but I mean, I can’t look at her. She’s like the worst. Isn’t she? Don’t you think she’s the worst?”

After Shaun Robinson suggests that she invite Michael and Dina Lohan to her show, Handler was quick to react. “No, I can’t talk to them,” she explained. “That’s just [a] hot mess. I mean, I really hope something happens for Lindsay. Honestly at this point, I would pay for her to go to rehab. She needs to get away from those parents. It’s terrible.”

During last night’s episode of Chelsea Lately, the host appeared in a skit with The Blind Side actress Sandra Bullock. The sketch, which featured both women in their birthday suits, gave Bullock a chance to flex her comedic muscles once again.

“The overall theme of this message is that you are a huge disappointment. Just because you’re the only person on late-night television who has tiny little lady bits does not give you a free pass,” Sandra said as she stood face-to-face with her naked cohort. “You have a responsibility to be a role model to young girls … and you need to lay off the booze.”

Chelsea Handler’s talk show, Chelsea Lately, airs weeknights at 11 on E!.