UFO Hunters Spot 3-Cm Alien Sabotaging NASA's Curiosity Rover -- Tiny Martian Was Trying To Stop Rover's Wheels Crushing His Home [Video]

JohnThomas Didymus

Alien hunters claim to have spotted an incredible anomaly in a photo captured by NASA's Curiosity rover. The photo, according to conspiracy theorists, appears to show a 3-cm-tall Mars alien attempting, commando-style, to sabotage NASA's Curiosity rover exploring the Martian surface.

The tiny alien commando was spotted hiding inside Curiosity rover's front left wheel in a photo of the Martian surface captured by Curiosity rover's Front Hazcam: Left B, on Sol 1119.

The incredible discovery was first announced to the online UFO community by alien hunter Mars Alive in a video uploaded to YouTube on October 18, 2016, under the title "Tiny Martian Inside Curiosity Rover's Wheel."

"Incredible Mars anomaly found in a [photo captured by] NASA's Curiosity Front Hazcam: Left B," the UFO hunter announced. "In this image there appears to be a small being inside the Curiosity Rover's wheel... It seems to be staring straight into Curiosity Rover's camera."

UFO hunter Mars Alive alleged NASA is aware of the existence of tiny alien beings on Mars, but the agency covers up the evidence due to its non-disclosure policy. NASA deliberately darkened the area of the photo that shows the alleged miniature alien hiding inside the wheel of the Mars rover, according to UFO hunter Mars Alive.

"[This appears to be another] cover-up by NASA," the UFO hunter declared. "NASA has many tactics for covering up anomalies on Mars. For example in this image, they have made it darker than the usual images from NASA. When they do this I know it's because they are trying to hide something. NASA's image quality just keeps getting worse as people find incredible anomalies."

UFO hunter Scott C. Waring declared that the image was "100 percent legit" and that it provides convincing evidence of his pet theory that Mars is presently home to a species of miniature aliens beings.

"A YouTube user Mars Alive has found a tiny alien figure inside the front left wheel of the rover! That's right, and it looks 100% legit," Waring commented. "I checked it out... [The alien is there in the photo] and it is about 3 cm tall."

According to Waring, the alien can be seen standing upright, concealed in the shadows, inside the front left wheel of the Mars rover.

Alien hunters speculated that the tiny alien was captured while carrying out a commando-style operation to sabotage NASA's Mars rover. The rover may have unknowingly approached a settlement of Martian aliens. Fearing that the rover would drive over their homes the community sent a warrior to stop the rover.

The alien commando, according to UFO hunters, must have crept or crawled stealthily up to the rover approaching their settlement and climbed into its front left wheel, looking for exposed machinery or wires to destroy and make the rover stall.

"For it to get into the wheel it had to have crawled in there. So it is alive, but it may be attempting to sabotage the rover in order to stop it from driving over its home," Waring speculated. "After this, I would not be surprised if the rover suddenly stopped working altogether."

Waring noted that the latest image proves earlier claims that Mars is home to a race of miniature alien beings.

"[The alien] matches the other half dozen figures we have found on Mars," the UFO hunter said. "The figure is standing upright and on a slanted edge, so its feet are slanted with it, much how a human stands on a slanted steep incline."

Alien and UFO hunters believe that the alleged race of tiny Mars aliens are hobbit-like survivors of a nuclear holocaust that wiped out Mars civilization millions of years ago. The tiny aliens have extensive underground structures to hide their presence on Mars from the hostile alien species that allegedly launched a genocidal nuclear attack against them millions of years ago, according to UFO hunters.

UFO hunters claimed in June, 2016, to have obtained absolute proof of the existence of intelligent miniature species on Mars after UFO hunter Paranormal Crucible uploaded to YouTube Curiosity rover images allegedly showing a six-inch humanoid alien peeping shyly or fearfully from behind a Martian rock at the approaching rover.

"Check that NASA source... I dare you. It is freaking history in the making.This is the most mind-blowing discovery I have seen all week."

"It really is an intriguing pic Scott," a skeptic said. "Great Pareidolia. It is either a mad capture or tricky enhancement."

Pareidolia refers to the psychological tendency of the human mind to perceive familiar forms, such as faces, when presented with random patterns or imagery.

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