Kelly Dodd Becomes Face Of Bullied Victims Thanks To Drama On ‘RHOC’

Kelly Dodd might be new to The Real Housewives of Orange County, but she might have said and done some things that rubbed her new co-stars the wrong way when she joined the show. But no one believes that she deserved what she experienced on the trip to Ireland, particularly the last dinner and the bus ride to the airport. Kelly felt attacked by the other ladies, and while some people felt that she deserved the attack, others felt her pain as she was bullied by the other ladies. In one scene, Heather Dubrow was hovering over her, as if to indicate that she was much better than Dodd.

According to a new tweet, Kelly Dodd is now a role model for people who have previously been bullied by other people. Kelly may not have realized it, but people felt comfortable reaching out to the Real Housewives of Orange County star with stories and situations as they felt that she could relate. As it turns out, Dodd is becoming a sounding board for people who have been in similar situations.

“I would love to sit and have dinner with you to get to know the Real Kelly not the tiny bit on TV and the negativity,” one person wrote to Kelly, who replied with, “AWW thanks.”

“I was bullied when young had friends steal from me an abuse me now I stay in my house barely leaving afraid to have friends,” the Twitter follower wrote back, to which Dodd replied, “Aww Im so sorry! Wishing you all the best. Keep in touch and have a great evening.”

“That is very sweet. Wishing you a glorious night filled with love,” the person replied back to Kelly.


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Even though Kelly Dodd wants to be a strong woman and stand up to the ladies on The Real Housewives of Orange County, many feel that she should point out just how horrible her co-stars treated her in Ireland. And Dodd herself is starting to notice a pattern with the ladies as Heather Dubrow tends to be a powerful force in the group.

“Every time I have conflict with one of the other ladies, Heather decides she has to step in, take charge, and tell me what I can and can’t say, and how to act,” Kelly Dodd explains in her blog for The Real Housewives of Orange County, according to Bravo, adding, “Heather’s superiority complex kicks in and she assumes the role of puppet-master.”

Dodd tried to explain to her husband that Dubrow was the puppet master, and she controlled the other ladies. Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador fully supported everything that Heather was saying, including calling Dodd trash and talking about her daughter behind her back. But many felt that Dubrow’s comment about Kelly having a psychotic break was crossing the line.

“Finally Heather has the audacity to question my mental health? She calls me insane and says she thinks I am having a psychotic breakdown. Why, because I defend myself from this group who schemed against me? The last time I checked having a drama degree doesn’t qualify you to psychoanalyze anyone. You are a worse shrink than you are an actor,” Kelly Dodd points out in her Bravo blog, reminding fans that this isn’t the first time that Heather has believed that someone has had a psychotic break in her presence.

What do you think of Kelly Dodd being approachable now that she’s been the victim of bullying on The Real Housewives of Orange County? Do you think that she should stay on the show now that she has more support from fans of the show?

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