Ivanka Trump 'Blindsided' On 'Fox & Friends': Talks 'Spirit Animal,' Dad's Comey Optimism, Jared's Job [Video]

Ivanka Trump appeared on Fox & Friends, where she was introduced as a special adviser to President Donald Trump. Ivanka told the Fox & Friends crew that she joins them every morning, just not on the Fox & Friends couch on their set, meaning that Ivanka likely watches the show each morning. After waxing nostalgic a little bit about no longer living in New York, Ivanka told the Fox & Friends crew that she recently came up to New York for a baby shower, one that Ivanka's child didn't understand and thought it meant that a baby was going to be washed.

However, Ivanka said she doesn't get to New York enough. After that, the Fox & Friends hosts delved right into the recent hearings that 9 million people reportedly watched, when James Comey testified under oath about the claims he made regarding President Trump asking for Comey's loyalty and hoping that Comey would let the Michael Flynn investigation go by the wayside. One Fox & Friends host made sure to mention that there was a lost productivity of 33 percent as people watched Comey's testimony. Ivanka claimed that President Trump "felt very vindicated, incredibly optimistic" after Comey's testimony.

Ivanka went on to speak about the reason the Trumps went to Washington and bemoaned that Infrastructure Week didn't get the level of headlines as other headlines, including the "noise" of President Trump's Russian investigations. Ivanka talked about rural locations, repair of waterways, and a series of important and big initiatives. Ivanka said this week is devoted to workforce development, which is one of the reasons why the American people elected Trump.

Ivanka went on to speak about going to Wisconsin on Tuesday to tackle skill-based learning at a school that exemplifies a viable path other than a four-year college. Ivanka said CEOs say they have job openings but no workers with the skill set needed, with STEM-related fields having a lot of the jobs seeking skilled workers.

Ivanka claimed that women represent 47 percent of the overall workforce, but only 23 percent of STEM-related jobs. In some cases, people choose not to work, said one Fox & Friends host. Ivanka went on to speak about the Perkins Act, calling it a very good piece of legislation that is all about skills-based education and making sure people have the technical skills to succeed in this economy.

"We want to do big things, important things. There's a level of viciousness that I was not expecting. This isn't supposed to be easy. My father intends to be transformative. Some of the distractions and veracity I was blindsided by on a personal level."

Ivanka spoke about not expecting so much viciousness when her father took office, but that she's trying to keep her head down and work really hard. Ivanka also said that her job isn't as hard as the factory worker who had been laid off or the mother who has lost a child to opioid abuse, who are the type of people they meet around the country.

Calling the economy one that is booming, Ivanka said that "the animal spirit" of small businesses and entrepreneurship has been released. The foreign trip was called a wildly successful trip by Ivanka, who claimed that her husband, Jared, was instrumental in arranging it. Ivanka also claimed that almost $400 billion for American businesses was gained via the trip.
After converting to Judaism, Ivanka called visiting the Western Wall a deeply personal moment of privacy, because it was really just Ivanka and her family that was there, and she called the experience surreal. However, Ivanka has noted the photographers are everywhere and have Ivanka looking for alternate routes out of her home. Ivanka also said that Jared loves his job and has had a major impact already on the foreign policy front.

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