Farrah Abraham Has Money And Fame: Says She Doesn’t Care About ‘Teen Mom’ Fans’ Opinions?

Farrah Abraham is probably one of the richest Teen Mom stars, but her fame and money didn’t just come from MTV. Not only did Farrah launch several companies while filming the show, but she also filmed two sex tapes that were sold to Vivid Entertainment for over $1 million. While Abraham’s net worth is currently unknown as she invested money into opening her own frozen yogurt shop, one has to wonder if she would be able to retire early with the money she’s been making from various reality shows.

According to a new tweet, Farrah Abraham revealed that she’s actually quite tired of people sharing their opinions about her. For a long time, Farrah was labeled an adult entertainer because of her role in the two sex tapes, but she has denied knowing that they were filmed.

For a long time, Farrah claimed that she was just having sex with her boyfriend, a famous porn star, and he had filmed the videos and sold them for millions of dollars. Now, Farrah Abraham has announced that she loves people for supporting her, but she really doesn’t care about their opinions.

“I love all of you people, I don’t give two drops of dried up pigeon sh*t on concrete how you feel about me,” Farrah Abraham revealed on Twitter late last night, sharing that she loves her Teen Mom fans for giving her the success and money she has, but she really doesn’t care too much about their opinions; especially when it comes to their opinions about her.

However, Abraham’s followers weren’t too hurt by her comment as many of them assumed that she simply didn’t care about them. In fact, the opinions she claimed she didn’t care about came flying out after her own comment.


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“She even makes what should have been a simple ‘burn’ sound awkward and illiterate,” one person wrote about Farrah’s tweet, while another added, “or your kid and parents! You are the most disrespectful person I have ever seen! I would do anything to see my mom again.”

“Yes you do, or you wouldn’t have said that. Everyone in your life is in it for the $$. Sad. Get the non televised help you need,” a third Twitter follower wrote, sharing the viewpoint of many that felt that she would not be tweeting about not caring if she didn’t actually care about people’s feelings or opinions.

While Farrah Abraham may have been referring to her fans when she said she didn’t care about their opinions, she could also have been referring to her Teen Mom co-stars. Over the weekend, she got together with them to film the reunion special, and it turned into a physical brawl. While Abraham was attacked by Amber Portwood because she called Amber’s boyfriend, Matt Baier, a pedophile, Farrah’s father witnessed the attack.

“I heard Maci tried to come out and she threatened to kill my daughter,” Farrah Abraham’s father has revealed, according to IB Times, adding, “That is wrong. Last reunion, I went to her fiancé (Taylor McKinney) and said I was happy for their first child (Maverick). I was looking forward to congratulating her on her marriage.”

And it sounds as if he also has an opinion about the Amber situation, adding, “Like any good father, from my point of view, I saw her hand touch my daughter’s face. When I saw Amber touch my daughter, that’s when I got between the two of them.”

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