Melissa Gorga Talks Jacqueline Laurita’s Paranoia: Does She Feel Bad For Chris Laurita?

Melissa Gorga decided that she wanted to surprise and support her co-star when she decided to unveil her new home after going through a renovation on Sunday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Melissa knew that there was a chance that she would run into Jacqueline Laurita and she was ready to ignore her Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star. And Gorga did a great job, as she managed to stay in the kitchen while Laurita sat in the living room with her passive aggressive t-shirt, “Namast’ay Away From Me.”

According to a new Bravo report, Melissa Gorga is now revealing that she’s happy that she didn’t have to deal with Jacqueline, but points out that she’s happy and proud that her husband, Joe Gorga, decided to confront Chris Laurita about his wife’s odd behavior. Surprisingly, Chris stood by his wife, saying that she had been attacked and she was just defending herself, even though Jacqueline was the one who was yelling at Melissa for being fake and calling Teresa Giudice a criminal during their trip to Vermont.

“I was also surprised when Chris pulled Joe away to discuss the Vermont trip. The husbands have been pretty good about staying out of our drama, but it seems Chris has now become the conductor of Jacqueline’s runaway train. Obviously, Chris is going to stand up for his wife, but as Joe said perfectly, what dinner was he at?” Melissa Gorga explains in her blog for The Real Housewives of New Jersey, sharing that she totally understood where her husband was coming from.

Of course, Jacqueline had decided that she didn’t want to wait around any longer and told her husband that she would wait in the car for him, as he said his goodbyes at the party. And it was during this time that Melissa’s husband Joe decided to confront him. While Melissa Gorga understands that Chris will defend his wife no matter what, she was still surprised when he didn’t think his wife had done anything wrong. And it sounds like Gorga feels bad for Chris, as he’s clearly blinded by the love for his wife.


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“I think that Joe was level-headed and put things into perspective. He was the bigger person in this situation. His intentions were to move forward and was trying to get Chris to do the same. I’m not sure what Joe said actually sunk in, as Chris was obnoxiously being beckoned by his wife, who was outside beeping the horn in her passive-aggressive tee,” Melissa Gorga explained in her blog for The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

While Gorga wasn’t surprised that Laurita ignored her at the party, she was shocked to hear that Jacqueline’s own paranoia was starting to affect her friendship with Dolores Catania. At the end of the episode, Dolores revealed that Jacqueline felt set up by her and she threatened to bring her down and make her look bad.

“I hate to say this, but I wasn’t surprised to hear that one of Jacqueline’s biggest defenders was on the receiving end of her paranoia. As I told Siggy, no one gets a free pass with her! Hearing Dolores describe how Jacqueline accused her of setting her up and then threatened to twist the whole situation made me realize that I’m not the only friend that Jacqueline is wrongly second guessing,” Melissa Gorga explained in her blog, revealing that she truly wasn’t surprised at Jacqueline’s behavior towards Dolores Catania, as they had all been on the receiving end before.

What do you think of Melissa Gorga’s comments about Jacqueline Laurita? Are you surprised that she’s acting out the way she is on this season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

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