The Falcon Project: Stealth Airship Will Attempt To Capture Evidence Of Bigfoot

Have you ever wondered if Harry and the Henderons could be true, that a massive Bigfoot could really be living in the mountains of the West Coast? Well, the Falcon Project is considering the same possibility.

The venture company’s founder, William Barnes, is planning an expedition that will make history, even if it doesn’t achieve its goal of capturing “clear, steady film evidence of a Hominoid in its natural habitat.”

The Falcon Project will use a 45-foot-long, camera-mounted, remote-controlled airship that will conduct nighttime flyovers of reported Bigfoot hotspots around the US, reports NBC News.

With the aid of one scientists, the gold dredger believes his helium-filled craft will allow his team to succeed where other teams have failed because it has both stealth and maneuverability.

Barnes was inspired to create the Falcon Project because of an alleged encounter he had with a Bigfoot-like creature in 1997. The camera on board the stealth airship can film in infrared, thermal imaging, and high definition. The ship is able to scan densely wooded regions with a penetrating vantage.

Barnes believes, therefore, that the quiet ship from above will not spook a potential Bigfoot with a broken twig or even run out of breath in a one-sided foot race. The ship’s camera is also protected against any suspiciously shaky image because of a gyroscopically stabilized housing.

According to The Daily Mail, Bigfoot is described as a large, bipedal hairy humanoid creature that lives in the wilderness areas of the United States and Canada. The beast, also called Sasquatch, has only ever been seen once in grainy footage from 1967 by former rodeo rider Roger Patterson. The company states:

“The Falcon Project was formed for the purpose of acquiring motion picture evidence of a Hominoid,’ the company says. Our competitive advantage, relative to other Hominoid research organizations, is that we are employing technology that no one else possesses.”

The Falcon Project Seeks To Discover Bigfoot

The company adds:

“From what research suggests, everything that we have done on the ground has been ineffective in getting close to them; therefore a perspective from the sky, with an imaging platform to zoom in on them quickly and track their position, seems to be the most logical way for us to pursue motion picture evidence.

The research on the Bigfoot sighting project will be coordinated with Idaho State University’s Jr Jeff Meldrum, a professor of anatomy and anthropology, who will act as principal investigator.

Meldrum is one of the few academics to back the existence of Bigfoot and has been probing the question of the massive Homonoid’s existence ever since he examined a line of inexplicable 15-inch bipedal footprints in south-eastern Washington state nearly 17 years ago.

The professor is the author of Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, one of the most authoritative treatments of the subject. Meldrum stated:

“Even if definitive DNA sequence data point to the existence of a novel species it will not suddenly become easy to study such a rare and elusive primate in the field. That’s where the Falcon Project comes in.”

Most scientists discount the existence of Bigfoot, but, if the Falcon Project is successful, they may, instead, earn a new subject to study and understand.