Amanda Todd: Online Activists Allegedly Locate Man Who Distributed Nude Pictures

Amanda Todd’s tormentor, the man who distributed topless pictures of the then-13 year old girl that led to intense bullying, has allegedly been located by the online hacker group Anonymous.

Todd committed suicide in her home in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, last week, a month after she posted to YouTube a video chronicling the depths of her bullying. It started when she and some friends were video chatting with a stranger who convinced her to flash her breasts. The man took a screenshot and later returned to demand more private sessions from her. When Todd refused he threatened to send the photo to her family and friends, later following through on the threat.

The backlash from the photo release meant relentless bullying for Amanda Todd, who even had to change schools to escape the torment. But the man showed up again, this time using a Facebook page with her naked photo as a profile picture.

The man was allegedly tracked down by Anonymous, a loosely bound group of hackers who often take up causes via the internet, CBC News reported. Anonymous published the name and address of a Vancouver-area man who they said was preying on Amanda Todd via the internet.

Anonymous published the name and address of a Vancouver-area man that the group claims was bullying and preying on Todd via the internet. The 32-year-old man allegedly made postings to child pornography sites, and since the outing by Anonymous has been threatened by some people vowing to carry out vigilante justice.

“The system isn’t supposed to convict someone before charges are laid. It’s not supposed to be judge, jury and executioner, all in the public forum,” Vancouver defense attorney Eric Gottardi told CBC News. “We have a justice system. It’s supposed to work, it does work.”

Unfortunately for Amanda Todd, she fell victim to a common type of sexual exploitation known as luring, the National Post reported.

“Threats are a very common tactic utilized by individuals in their attempts to extort more information off of the kids,” said Arnason, Signey Arnason, director of, a tipline for reporting online sexual exploitation of children.

Amanda Todd’s bullying has still continued, even after her death. Memorial pages dedicated to her memory have been desecrated and some continue to make fun of her by turning her pictures into a meme.