‘Big Brother: Over the Top’ Spoilers: Who Was Evicted, Who Is Week 5 HOH, Why Did Danielle Become Enraged At Scott?

Much has happened in the Big Brother: Over the Top house in the past day or so, with one houseguest sent packing by fellow cast members and America’s influence, a subsequent Head of Household (HOH) challenge, and Danielle Lickey becoming enraged at Scott Dennis following the eviction ceremony.

Wednesday night the live eviction ceremony was streamed on CBS All Access and the anticipation was high to which nominee would be sent home. Kryssie Ridolfi was the Week 4 HOH and had nominated Scott and Morgan Willett for eviction. America had other ideas, resulting in viewers choosing to nominate one of Kryssie’s allies to sit on the block, Neeley Jackson.

Much to the chagrin of Kryssie, Morgan won the Big Brother: Over the Top Week 4 Power of Veto (POV) and saved herself from the block. This meant that Kryssie was forced to choose another cast member to replace Morgan with.

Whitney Hogg approached Kryssie and volunteered for the position, arguing it would be easier for her to sit on the block as a pawn rather than to be forced to choose to vote against either Scott or Neeley, two people she liked. Kryssie obliged her, and Whitney became the third Week 4 nominee.

In the end, the vote really came down to America, as the Late Night Jamboree (LNJ) alliance of Danielle, Jason Roy, and Justin Duncan stuck together and chose to evict Scott, while the other side of the Big Brother: Over the Top house, Alex, Morgan Willett, and Shelby Stockton chose to get Neeley out of the house. The cast members were deadlocked, however, America chose Neeley to leave the game, so viewers truly had the deciding vote.

Not long after Neeley walked out the front door of the Big Brother: Over the Top house, remaining cast members battled it out in the Week 5 HOH competition. Prior to the actual challenge, the group, with the exception of the outgoing HOH Kryssie, was tasked with studying the memory wall, which had various photos with different scenes from a number of incidents in the game. Cast mates had 10 minutes to try and soak in the nuances of each picture, as detail was key to winning the HOH.

After the requisite time had passed, the cast members made their way into the Big Brother: Over the Top backyard where a makeshift baseball stadium was constructed. After they were asked questions about the photographs they had just studied, each houseguest had to answer either “True” or “False.”

This Big Brother: Over the Top challenge went quite quickly, as houseguests were eliminated one-by-one following wrong answers. Eventually, only Danielle and Whitney were left in the game and ultimately, Danielle won HOH when Whitney gave an incorrect answer.

There is no way Danielle will target anyone in her alliance, leaving Scott, Morgan, Whitney, Alex, and Shelby to choose from for her two nominations.

After the October 26 eviction, but before the Week 5 HOH was played, a heated confrontation took place between Scott and Danielle, who was enraged that Neeley was sent packing instead of Scott. Danielle found Justin, Whitney, and Kryssie, who was crying about how she felt betrayed in the game and claimed Scott told her he was going to make her life a “short-lived hell” to please America. Danielle said she questioned how Scott could basically “bully a woman,” however, Kryssie responded by saying that Scott’s alliance believes he’d been bullied, so “whatever he does, it’s okay.”

Danielle went on, saying, Scott is lucky they are all in the Big Brother: Over the Top house, failing to find the words as to what she would do to him if they were not. She continued with, “I am not here to be bullied by a grown a** man…”

As this was taking place, Scott was being schooled by Jason, who argued Scott was wrong in endorsing harassment of Danielle. Scott’s alliance members, including Morgan, Alex, and Shelby stood in the yoga room listening to all of this and emphatically whispering to the live feed cameras that the LNJ has been bullying everyone on their side of the house.

Scott reminded Jason he has been extremely mean to Shelby, something that Jason said he would not deny, but said he was not campaigning to harass her as part of his game.

Danielle eventually began yelling at Scott from the other room, asserting he knew she had been bullied her entire life and “punched in the face by a grown a** man” and “dragged down” by her hair by four females. Danielle yelled:

“Don’t sit here and say that you’re going to bully me because you think it’s good TV. People kill themselves over being bullied. And I hope you feel like a piece of s***, I hope America sees the type of person you are because that’s not funny…”

Scott was unable to get a word in edgewise and was trying to explain to Danielle exactly what he expressed to Jason. Scott noted that the entire Big Brother game is psychological and argued he’s not trying to traumatize her and never said anything like that.

Danielle wouldn’t listen to Scott’s explanation and continued with, “…I don’t want to hear it because that is a horrible thing to do to someone…” As Scott sat at the kitchen table looking unnerved, Danielle screamed, “…You’re a little a** boy and I pray to God that I win HOH…”

As Danielle called Scott, a “disgusting person,” he was finally able to state, “I’m not the only one that doesn’t like you…” and made sure to remind her that last week her own alliance voted to send her packing, as she angrily walked away and the live feeds went down.

It appears after this blowup, Danielle would be inclined to nominate Scott for eviction, however, according to Joker’s Updates, at about 1:05 a.m. Thursday morning Big Brother: Over the Top house time, Danielle spoke about putting Whitney and Morgan on the block. If she does, she could be counting on backdooring Scott, or she may be under the impression that he will be America’s nominee this week.

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