Melania Trump Divorce Rumors: Famed Mental Health Counselor Predicts That Melania Will File For Divorce From Donald Trump In 2017

Melania Trump could be headed for a divorce in the next year, one famed mental health counselor has predicted in the wake of Donald Trump’s ever-growing sex scandals.

The Trump campaign has been rocked by a series of sexual misconduct revelations, with more than a dozen women coming forward to accuse Trump of improperly touching or propositioning them, with many of the incidents allegedly happening during his marriage to Melania.

The revelations have led to growing rumors that Melania Trump will divorce Donald, and one expert is now predicting it will happen sooner rather than later.

Jeffrey Guterman, a noted mental health counselor and best-selling author, made the remark when sharing a story about the number of lawsuits Donald Trump is embroiled in during his campaign. Guterman added an offhanded comment that Melania Trump’s divorce is soon to become another one of those lawsuits.

It seemed as if it could be a joke, but Guterman later reiterated his belief that Melania Trump’s public posturing indicated she would file for divorce.

The divorce rumors surrounding Melania Trump have been growing steadily ever since the release of a 2005 video from Access Hollywood that showed Donald Trump appearing to brag about sexually assaulting women. In the video, Trump was heard talking to television host Billy Bush about Trump’s attempts to seduce a married woman, later identified as Nancy O’Dell. The video was recorded just months after Donald and Melania were married, and at a time that Melania was pregnant with their son.

The scandal grew from there, with a stream of women coming forward to accuse Donald Trump of either sexually assaulting them or acting in a sexually inappropriate manner.

And the revelations keep coming. On Wednesday, sources who worked on Trump’s reality show The Apprentice came forward to reveal his strong attempts to woo contestant Brande Roderick, a former Playboy Playmate. Roderick appeared on the 2009 and 2013 seasons of the show, a time when Donald was married to Melania.

“[Trump] kept proposing to her and telling her how beautiful she was. I think he was trying to be charming,” one staffer told The Daily Beast anonymously so not to break the show’s ironclad non-disclosure clause. “When he invited her back for another season [of The Apprentice], he kept asking repeatedly again, saying he wanted her as his wife. It was typical Donald… [and] creepy.”

Viewers caught a glimpse of this, with an oral-sex joke actually making it to air. At one point, contestant Bret Michaels described how Roderick dropped to her knees to beg not to be fired.

“Must be a pretty picture, you dropping to your knees,” Trump said.

And it was not an isolated incident, the staffer described.

“He would say really gross s**t about her all the time, sometimes in the boardroom. That he said these things about her was the least surprising thing, really,” the ex-staffer continued. “He would comment all the time saying how ‘incredibly beautiful’ she was, with this ‘gorgeous and perfect body.’ He kept leering at her the whole time she was on for [that 13th] season. She definitely became something of a sexual obsession to him, and everyone could see it.”

There are other signs pointing toward divorce for Donald Trump and Melania. Back when the scandal first broke, Melania refused to appear alongside her husband in a joint statement decrying the accusations, The Hill reported.

“However, anonymous sources within the campaign told the Times that Melania Trump had no interest in doing a joint video statement with her husband,” the report noted.”The statement would have echoed the joint appearance of Bill and Hillary Clinton on 60 Minutes in 1992 after Gennifer Flowers said she and Bill Clinton had a longstanding affair.”

If Melania Trump is filing for divorce, she isn’t letting on much. Donald Trump’s wife has continued acting as a surrogate for Donald Trump’s campaign, including an interview in which she denied the allegations against her husband and an upcoming interview alongside Donald.

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