WWE News: Paul Heyman Apologizes For Bad ‘Monday Night Raw’ Promo

Paul Heyman is one of the best promo men in the WWE. He learned his craft from “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and understands exactly what he needs to say to promote an upcoming event and how he needs to say it. That makes the poor Paul Heyman promo on this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw so hard to watch because it was watching a master struggle.

Paul Heyman even admitted that he wasn’t at the top of his game in the promo. Heyman pointed out a recent ESPN article that called him the person that defines the art of the promo and then said that his promo on Monday was the opposite of that. After a fan said that Paul Heyman is still the best, Paul Heyman thanked him on Twitter and said he will never run away from bad nights.


It was a lost cause from the start when it came to the WWE Monday Night Raw Paul Heyman promo. For some reason, the WWE writing staff felt that Brock Lesnar and Heyman could come out in Minnesota, in front of Brock’s hometown crowd, and get them chanting for Goldberg.

Minnesota loves its wrestlers. They brought signs to support Curtis Axel, the son of the late Mr. Perfect, and Curtis Axel took to Twitter to share the word that the WWE confiscated the signs. That was a mistake on the WWE’s part, assuming that they needed to hide the fans support of their hometown boy.


The WWE made an even bigger mistake when they sent out Paul Heyman to get the fans to cheer against his client Brock Lesnar and for Goldberg. It didn’t happen and there was no way it was going to happen. Fans chanted “Goldberg sucks” and both Lesnar and Heyman were taken back by the crowd not playing along with the master of the mic.

The Inquisitr even reported that Vince McMahon lost his cool backstage when the fans wouldn’t play along with the Paul Heyman promo. Heyman was supposed to get the fans chanting Goldberg and then announce that the two men would fight at Survivor Series.

McMahon gave up on the Paul Heyman promo before he could get to that point and started up Brock Lesnar’s music to end the segment. It also seems like the WWE edited the footage they put online to minimize the lack of fan support for the promo. Most of the “Goldberg sucks” chants were either removed from the audio or the audio itself was altered.


Paul Heyman explained in his ESPN feature what it is that makes him so great at the promo. Interestingly, if anyone could save a bombed promo midstream, it is Paul Heyman. But, for some reason, Heyman never changed course and kept trying to force the issue. In the interview, he did say that he has the freedom to change tracks, but he has to keep the message McMahon gives him.

“Credibility. Authenticity. Believing in everything that you are saying… I can go off-point, I can go off-word, I can go off-paragraph, but I can never go off message… You have to be willing to put your balls on the line with that. Now if you are, he’ll let you do it. It’s your funeral. Or it’s you reaching for the brass ring. Either way, it’s a risk that you have to take.”

In the case of this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw, Paul Heyman stayed true to course and it was a tragic failure. However, in a career full of amazing Paul Heyman promos, it was a rarity. Thankfully, Heyman is a man who will never back away from taking responsibility for his failures.

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