'Dilbert' Creator Scott Adams Is Back On The Trump Train Because of The 'Bully Party'

Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams has re-endorsed Donald Trump for president and reaffirmed his prediction that the Republican presidential nominee will win the election in a landslide.

Adams, a trained hypnotist, has often described Trump as a master persuader, but has acknowledged that Hillary Clinton's campaign significantly upgraded its persuasion game over the summer. He previously praised Trump as an effective practitioner of the linguistic kill shot, particularly when the New York real estate mogul characterized former rival Jeb Bush as "low energy."

Adams hopped off the Trump train when the Access Hollywood scandal broke and backpedaled on his long-time landslide prediction.

Although his views don't align with any candidate so he says, and with some tongue in cheek, Adams originally endorsed Hillary Clinton out of concerns for his physical safety in his home state of California. He then endorsed Trump because of Clinton's high-tax plan, and after the Trump audio came out, he endorsed Gary Johnson because the Libertarian candidate "only touches himself."

In his opinion, because Team Clinton through a divisive messaging strategy to turn Americans against each other, has made it "morally acceptable" to engage in bullying -- which in a blog post he described as "perpetuating one of the greatest evils I have seen in my lifetime" -- Adams is all-in on Trump.

Like several high-visibility Clinton critics, he believes that he has been shadow-banned on Twitter and that his stream has been targeted by trolls in a coordinated way.

Adams, 59, further explained his change of heart on Donald Trump on his blog in a post he titled "The Bully Party."

"I've been trying to figure out what common trait binds Clinton supporters together. As far as I can tell, the most unifying characteristic is a willingness to bully in all its forms. If you have a Trump sign in your lawn, they will steal it. If you have a Trump bumper sticker, they will deface your car. If you speak of Trump at work you could get fired. On social media, almost every message I get from a Clinton supporter is a bullying type of message...We know from Project Veritas that Clinton supporters tried to incite violence at Trump rallies. The media downplays it. We also know Clinton's side hired paid trolls to bully online. You don't hear much about that...

"I endorse Donald Trump for President of the United States because I oppose bullying in all its forms. I don't defend Trump's personal life. Neither Trump nor Clinton are role models for our children. Let's call that a tie, at worst. Today I put Trump's odds of winning in a landslide back to 98%. Remember, I told you a few weeks ago that Trump couldn't win unless 'something changed.' Something just changed."

Scott Adams is all-in on Trump over Clinton bullying
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Adams' post apparently caused the play-on-words hashtag #HillBullies to trend.

The Dilbert creator is on Periscope almost every morning for "Coffee with Scott Adams." In yesterday's installment, he further explored his rationale for supporting Trump after considering him a lost cause just a few weeks ago. "I can't be on the side of the bullies," he declared.

See/hear the embedded Periscope session below, in which he deems Trump the "anti-bully bully," and draw your own conclusions.

Adams has also controversially theorized that no ISIS-related terrorism will occur before Election Day because ISIS presumably prefers a weak Hillary Clinton as president, which prompted much condemnation on social media.
In a blog post on Friday, Scott Adams -- who may be drinking way too much coffee if Periscope is any indication -- vowed in what must be a form of satire to participate in a resistance movement if Trump does anything "Hitler-ish" while in office. "In other words, I'm willing to bet my life that the 'monster' view of Trump is an illusion," he wrote.

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