Earthquakes In Italy: Church Stands As Buildings Fall After 2 Strong Earthquakes [Videos]

On Wednesday, two strong earthquakes shook Italy, as reported by the BBC News‎ — and now videos like the one below show the devastation of buildings falling. The earthquakes struck central Italy and were so strong that they sent people running outside.

The location of the two powerful earthquakes was close to a different earthquake that happened in August. The two earthquakes that shook Italy on Wednesday, as reported by ABC News‎, was only approximately 50 miles north of the previous earthquake months ago that killed about 300 people.

Italy earthquakes
[Image by Sandro Perozzi/AP Images]

Wednesday’s earthquake — along with a strong aftershock — killed power and closed a big highway. The first earthquake was of a 5.5 magnitude and struck in the Macerata province, near Visso. Two hours following the quake, another strong earthquake occurred.

According to the USGS, the first 5.5-magnitude earthquake took place eight kilometers east/southwest of Sellano, Italy. The follow-up earthquake or aftershock was even stronger, at a 6.1 magnitude on the Richter scale, which happened about three kilometers west of Visso, Italy.

[Image by Sandro Perozzi/AP Images]

As seen in the top above photo, the Church of San Sebastiano was left standing amid the rubble of nearby downed houses in Castelsantangelo sul Nera, Italy.

Other churches crumbled under the power of the earthquakes and residents ran out onto the rain-drenched streets.

People posting about the earthquake on social media prove that the fear of the previous earthquake had a definite effect upon their fears when the new earthquake struck Italy.

One person named Ussita Mayor Marco Rinaldi called the earthquake so strong that it felt biblical, nearly like the end of the world, reports The Weather Channel.

“It was a very strong earthquake, apocalyptic. People are screaming on the street and now we are without lights.”

Thus far, at least one injury has been reported in the wake of the earthquakes, as reported by the Financial Times.

The Italian town of Ussita was called “finished,” reports the Telegraph. The set of earthquakes was so strong that people in Rome felt the tremors. Lots of videos of lamps swinging and shaking from Italian ceilings are filling social media.

The epicenter of the earthquakes that hit central Italy, as reported by The Sun, was in Visso, where certain buildings could be seen in videos as they crumbled into the streets. Power lines went down with the earthquakes as well. The area is one that’s known as being vulnerable to earthquake activity. The depth of the earthquake was 10 kilometers.

Historic locations such as Rome’s ancient ruins of the Colosseum and Pantheon were also shaken in the quake, reports the Mirror.

Due to the relative shallow depth of the two earthquakes, which were close to the surface, as reported by KABC-TV, they had the potential to cause a lot of damage. Couple that with the fact that some of the Italian structures were not earthquake-proof, the vulnerability to shaking was increased.

Some of the comments coming into social media regarding the new pair of Italian earthquakes can be read below.

“All my prayers, right now, go to all the people in central Italy????

“US citizens in – let friends/family know you are safe following the and after shocks.”

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“Another in … glad I’m far, but I hope all my friends who live there are fine… :/”

“Oh not again ????Devastating

probably due to a domino effect connected with last August’s quake.”

[Featured Image by Sandro Perozzi/AP Images]