Unidentified Blood-Sucking Creature Attacks Teens At Australian Cemetery, Incident Caught On Camera [Video]

Some Australian teens got more than they bargained for when they were attacked by an unidentified, blood-sucking creature while poking around in a dark cemetery. The group of kids was messing around in a cemetery in Westbury, Tasmania when the unthinkable happened, and the entire incident was caught on camera and posted to YouTube. Now, the world is wondering what the unidentified, blood-sucking creature could have been.

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Or was the whole thing an elaborate hoax?

Check out the videos below and then decide for yourself.


The first video features the teens taking a pre-Halloween jaunt through a dark cemetery. They seem to be having a pretty good time wandering between the grave markers, reports RT. Their fun and games come to a quick end, however, when the mysterious, unidentified, blood-sucking creature suddenly pops out from behind a large cross tombstone and attacks one of the teens.

The YouTube video is titled, in part,”Fairy sighting or creepy bug attack!!?!” It begs the question that the teens have to be asking as they are dodging the small blood-sucking creature and frantically trying to escape the cemetery. One of the teens, Tim, is directly attacked by the blood-sucking thing, at least according to the video and the teen’s account of what happened. It goes straight for his neck like some horror movie vampire before fluttering away.

blood-sucking creature
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In one scene, just before the unidentified, blood-sucking creature attacks, viewers get a glimpse of something that looks like a tiny humanoid creature peeking out from behind the tombstone. Some internet commentators, such as someone by the username of “Gold Seahorse,” have suggested that it looks like a little skeleton, maybe a Halloween prop.

“55 seconds into the video an obvious cartoon skeleton ghost appears behind the gravestone and you pay people to write this nonsense?”

Others have offered up a more mundane, less “hoax-y” explanation for the unidentified flying creature. At least one RT reader. “Red Pretzel,” thinks that the blood-sucking attacker could have been a “false vampire bat,” and quotes Wikipedia in describing what the little guys look like.

“Megadermatidae, or false vampire bats, are a family of bats found from central Africa, eastwards through southern Asia, and into Australia. They are relatively large bats, ranging from 6.5 cm to 14 cm in head-body length. They have large eyes, very large ears and a prominent nose-leaf. They have a wide membrane between the hind legs, or uropatagium, but no tail. Many species are a drab brown in color, but some are *white*, bluish-grey or even olive-green, helping to camouflage them against their preferred roosting environments. They are primarily insectivorous, but will also eat a wide range of small vertebrates.”

However, despite closing their post with a semi-assuring “Case (probably) closed,” the commentator fails to address the fact that the unidentified, blood-sucking creature appeared to have actively attacked the teens, which is not something that the false vampire bats are commonly known to do.

And something definitely happened to poor Tim in the cemetery. That much is evidenced by the group’s follow-up video, in which they analyze Tim’s injury and try to figure out what exactly the unidentified, blood-sucking creature that attacked them could have been. Check it out.


The video clearly shows a visible neck wound, something that the teens claimed was caused by the unidentified, blood-sucking creature’s cemetery attack. Of course, it’s possible (especially this time of year, with fake gore available at nearly every retail store) that the teens’ neck injury was doctored, but it looks pretty real.

“We’ve just got back from the graveyard and Tim’s been bitten by some weird bug, or something.”

What do you think it was that attacked the teens in the Tasmanian cemetery? Does the video of the unidentified, blood-sucking creature show a bug, a bat, a fairy, or something else entirely?

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