‘Lord Of The Rings Online Riders Of Rohan’ Expansion Suffers Major Technical Issues

I love Lord Of The Rings. I have read the books at least once a year for the last 47 years, and I have played Lord Of The Rings Online since the first beta. I was looking forward to playing the new Riders Of Rohan expansion and telling The Inquisitr‘s readers all about a terrific new LOTRO expansion. Then I tried to install the new files, and, well folks, I am just about ready to scream.

Turbine needs to get on the stick and fix this mess. An entire afternoon wasted trying to install the expansion, only to encounter one error after the other. I didn’t think it was possible for a person to get so many different errors from installing one MMO, but I sure found out differently today.

A sinking feeling hit my stomach the first time my patcher hung up on “Examine Programs.” I quickly got online and read as many forum posts as I could find on problems installing the game. I must admit I was stunned by the virtual non-existence of any official replies to the hundreds and hundreds of pleas for help from players with similar problems. I even read that some extremely patient players waited as long as an hour with this particular error, hoping the install would finally resume before they quit in frustration.

Using advice from other players on the forums (Thank you, Warriorpoetex), I was able to overcome the “Examine Programs” issue by restarting the patcher every time it hung up until it finally proceeded to the next step.

It didn’t take long before I was hit with the annoying “unspecified patch error.” I was even able to work around this problem until the “Unable to decrypt and de-serialize the data downloaded from the server” notice appeared on my screen. Unable to make any headway against this final error, I was forced to uninstall LOTRO three times. I am now on my fourth attempt to install the game, and it just failed again as I am typing this article.

Today’s misadventures reminded me of the legend of Robert Bruce and the spider: If you don’t succeed, try try again. But really Tubine, I am not Robert Bruce or the little engine that could, finally making it to the top of the hill after umpteen tries. I am a busy person who values every minute I have free to enjoy my favorite online games and this is an unmitigated disaster. I have often been highly critical of people who gripe on the forums, but now they are all on my list to receive sympathetic Christmas cards.

The unfortunate part of this entire story is not the time I wasted but the making you wait to read about the LOTRO expansion. I was really looking forward to sharing a hands-on, in-game review of Riders Of Rohan with all of you, but that will just have to wait until later tonight or tomorrow or as soon as Turbine joins the big leagues and gets their patch servers working properly. Until then, happy gaming friends. I’m going back to playing World Of Warcraft.