Justin Bieber Isn’t Paying For Selena Gomez’s Rehab, And There’s No Reason Why He Should

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been dragged into yet another false gossip story, despite the fact that the former couple last officially dated back in September of 2014, and are reportedly estranged.

The latest fiction? U.K. tabloid Now magazine is claiming the Biebs wants to reunite with his ex-girlfriend and has even been paying for her current lupus-related stay in rehab.

Is the Canadian superstar actually footing Gomez’s medical bills and “sending her hundreds of thousands to pay for everything from private jet bills to the recent stay in rehab?”

In a word — no. Watchdog site Gossip Cop reports a source close to Gomez confirmed that Bieber is not paying for Selena’s rehab treatment, or anything else on the actress-singer’s behalf.

The insider specifically slammed Now magazine’s story as “untrue.”

Clearly, since the tabloid’s latest Bieber-Gomez rehab story has been debunked, the fake quotes can also be disregarded.

That means Now’s supposed source — who claimed Bieber is paying for Gomez’s rehab as “his way of staying in her life, as well as making himself feel less guilty for screwing her over” — either didn’t have a clue what they were talking about, or the magazine simply made up the quote and threw in the word “source” to give it legitimacy.

Gomez entered a Tennessee rehab facility after it was announced back in late August that she was cancelling her Revival World Tour to deal with Lupus-caused depression, panic attacks, and anxiety.

Since then, reports surfaced that Gomez’s rehab retreat is her second alleged attempt to address prescription drug addiction issues, as well as treat symptoms of lupus. Other sources allege that Gomez is battling cocaine addiction. However, it should be noted these allegations have only been reported by low-tier gossip outlets and blinds and remain speculative.

So, what about Now’s claim that the Biebs is pining over SelGo?

Rewind, if you will, to the pair’s infamous Instagram spat back in mid-August. It began when Bieber warned his fans that he would delete his account if they did not stop posting abusive comments on his account and that of his then-girlfriend, Sofia Richie.

Cue Gomez jumping into the fray to berate her former boyfriend and tell him that if he hadn’t shared photos of himself and Richie, they wouldn’t have received hate from fans.

From there, things degenerated to a back-and-forth, with Bieber accusing his ex of using him for attention. That was encored by two photoshopped comments alleging cheating by both sides and posted by unidentified user(s) purporting to be Bieber and Gomez. The Latina starlet then spent hours “liking” fan-posted Instagram memes, all of which shaded her ex, with some referring or alluding to Justin’s then-relationship with Sofia. All of which reveals exactly why Gomez went to Bieber’s Instagram. Jealousy.

The next day (August 15) Bieber deleted his Instagram account. Shortly after, a brief statement was posted at Gomez’s Snapchat account which read: “What I said was selfish and pointless.”

A few hours later, TMZ reported that the “Same Old Love” songstress had repeatedly tried to call the Biebs to apologize personally, but he refused to take her calls.

To be fair to the facts, no one forced or asked Gomez to comment at Bieber’s Instagram, or throw shade at him for hours afterwards. There is also no credible evidence to suggest the “Sorry” superstar has changed his mind about not speaking to his ex.

Despite these realities, since the Instagram showdown, a tsunami of gossip sites parrotted rumormill stories very obviously set on villainizing the Biebs and reframing Gomez’s severely dented “sweetheart” image. These claims positioned Bieber as the reason for Selena’s rehab stint and also pretended that she was the first to break off all communications between the two.

Us Weekly reported that Gomez has changed her phone number, Life & Style, Radar Online, and others claimed Gomez had a meltdown after seeing photos of Bieber and Richie together, the Daily Mail falsely claimed that the heartthrob had been phoning his ex non-stop. Meanwhile, OK! Magazine is currently claiming Gomez’s family has “ordered” Bieber not to contact her.

Tellingly, Us Weekly’s “phone number changing” story cited an unnamed “Gomez source” and neglected to inform readers that TMZ previously reported Bieber was blanking Gomez’s calls and wants her to stay out of his life.

And, while it’s possible that Gomez was upset over the Biebs’ then-relationship with Richie — even if that were true, why would that be Bieber’s responsibility? He and Selena aren’t dating and haven’t been a couple for over two years.

This latest batch of bogus gossip stories will be par for the course for Bieber and Gomez. Consider the stockpile of frequently fictional “Jelena” claims that have been peddled over the years by Hollywood Life and other outlets.

Into the mix, is the media’s anti-Bieber-narrative which mostly angles and perpetuates a negative slant on the superstar. For example, the widespread dismissal of Bieber’s revelations that he suffers from depression and anxiety.

Similarly, when he cancelled his Purpose Tour fan meet-and-greets after sharing that these sessions left him emotionally and mentally exhausted, most media and many fans excoriated him. Likewise, when the pop prince stopped taking pics with fans in his downtime and said he felt like a “zoo animal,” there was little to no sympathy for the 22-year-old’s evidently emotional and serious explanation.

The most recent example of the media’s intent and actions to undermine, exploit, and engineer hostility toward Bieber is seen in a report from the UK’s The Sun published Friday, October 28, which falsely claimed the Grammy winner told the audience at his Purpose Tour concert in Glasgow the night before, that his alleged ADHD/ADD condition was to blame for his brief stage walk-off at his Manchester concert on October 23.

As Gossip Cop subsequently proved with video footage, “the comments in question were actually said on October 15 and obviously had nothing to do with future events…and took place before the incident in Manchester.”

To recap: Bieber is not paying for Gomez’s rehab and is reportedly not interested in maintaining contact with his ex. To read about the recent tabloid misreporting of Bieber’s comments about his likely ADHD/ADD disorder see the link below.

[Featured Image via Mat Hayward/Kevin Winter, Getty Images]