Voting Is A ‘Flawed Process’ Open To Fraud: Officials Worried About 2016 Presidential Election

Is the 2016 presidential election vulnerable to fraud? Officials are very worried about the flawed voting process, but what does this mean for the election results?

According to TMZ, some officials who run the voting systems around the country are very worried about fraudulent voting. NBC, ABC, CNN, and CBS, along with most other media outlets, are publishing that there is virtually no evidence of voter fraud.

However, some states do not require voters to present ID before casting their ballot on Election Day. Precinct poll workers identify voters based on matching their signature with the signature on the voter registration form.

Nick LaLota told TMZ that he is expecting over a half a million people to show up at the voting booths on November 8. The Suffolk County NY Board of Elections commissioner admitted that he firmly believes signature verification comprises the integrity of the voting process.

He told reporters that it will be hard to know who will vote that shouldn’t be.

Marcy Crawford, the deputy commissioner of the Board of Elections for Allegany County, claimed that voter fraud in her county is a real concern this year. She says that everyone is talking about it in her office.

It is quite simple to forge a signature, but it is more difficult to falsify an identification when a valid ID is required. Why isn’t it mandatory for all states to require voters provide a valid ID to cast their vote?

John Arntz, the director of Elections in San Francisco, said that the system in his county requires voters to show up at the polling place, announce their name to the polling place worker, who then checks the voting rolls and reads a corresponding address.

If the voter confirms that the address is correct, he or she will get a ballot to vote. Arntz is very concerned that their system is left vulnerable to fraud. Counties and states are increasingly using signature verification in place of IDs.

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With less than two weeks until Election Day, Republican nominee Donald Trump has continued to make allegations that the election is rigged against him. His running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, has also publicly warned people about voter fraud “around the country” at rallies.

According to the Los Angeles Times, voter fraud is very rare. However, there have been accusations of voter suppression across the U.S., as civil rights groups have said that Trump telling supporters to “go check out” polls in “certain areas” is a hint to monitor minority voters.

The most recent example of alleged voter fraud was in Indiana, where the head of the state police said that an ongoing investigation of a voter registration project turned up evidence of fraud.

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Indiana Voter Registration Project reportedly submitted 45,000 voter registrations this year from citizens who are racial minorities. The group says that they are being targeted by the Republicans in the investigation.

TargetSmart, a Democratic-affiliated group, said that they ran an analysis and found Indiana voters with out-of-date addresses, 4,556 double registrations, 3,000 records without birth dates, and 31 registered voters who were not of the legal age to vote yet.

Allegations of fraud have surfaced in other states like Virginia, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

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Are you concerned about voter fraud in this year’s presidential election? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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