Alyssa Milano On Loving Her Post-Baby Body And The Infamous ‘Who’s The Boss’ Bra Episode

Alyssa Milano believes very strongly that all women should have a positive attitude about their weight and body shape. Being a champion of body positivity, the New Year’s Eve actress is urging new mothers to take it slow while making efforts to shed any extra pounds they put on during pregnancy.

There’s a tendency amongst body-conscious females to embark on a weight-reduction program and get that weight off straight after the baby’s born. However, Alyssa Milano urges women to put their weight-loss efforts on hold and bask in the joy of becoming a mother. In her opinion, women must learn to love their post-pregnancy bodies instead of looking for ways to quickly get back into shape.

Alyssa Milano revealed that her C-section scar makes her incredibly proud because it reminds her of the beautiful way her baby was born. Her story may be very welcome to many new mothers who feel they’ve been left with an ugly scar after undergoing a caesarean operation. According to Today, Alyssa Milano wants to remind women that their primary focus after childbirth must be to take care of their new-born baby, rather than worrying about their postpartum weight issues.

“Be kind to yourself. And remember what your body is put on this earth to do, which is nurture, feed, take care of a child. Everything else is sort of irrelevant.”

Alyssa Milano has been motivating women to take care of their health and fitness since 1988 when she had launched Teen Steam, her fitness workout video aimed to influence teenage girls.

Her important message on body positivity comes as she launches her range of maternity clothes, adding to Touch, her existing clothing line, which mainly comprises trendy clothes for women while cheering their favorite sports team. Alyssa Milano’s newly launched line of maternity wear will enable pregnant women to feel comfortable while watching their favorite sports. She was motivated to design sports-inspired female outfits when she experienced the dearth of similar merchandise in the market.

Being an ardent baseball fan herself, Alyssa Milano made sure her clothing line caters to female fans of various teams affiliated with NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. Moreover, she’s extended her clothing line to include fashionable apparel for female NASCAR fans who love to wear colors representing their favorite racing teams and drivers.

Alyssa Milano has always been a sports fanatic, and she’s particularly fond of baseball. In fact, Fox News reports that she loves the game so much that her family arranged a baseball-themed baby shower at L.A. Dodgers stadium when she was expecting her first child in 2011.

To add to her many successes, Alyssa Milano authored a book titled Safe at Home: Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic, which highlights the important role baseball played in shaping her career.

Even though she urges women to avoid being overly conscious of their physique, the 43–year-old actress admits that she too faced embarrassment about her body shape as a teenager when she was filming Who’s the Boss?, ABC’s popular television show. Alyssa Milano played the daughter of a retired baseball player who works as a housekeeper for a divorced lady. An episode titled “Samantha’s Growing Up” depicted the awkward experience Alyssa’s on-screen father had while purchasing a bra for his teenage daughter. Alyssa recalled the episode when she attended the Who’s the Boss? reunion. According to Entertainment Weekly, the actress spoke about the awkwardness she experienced after the infamous episode.

“I’d walk down the street and get recognized. People would be like, ‘That bra episode! You’re getting older; you’re growing up!’ It was so mortifying.”

[Featured Image by Kimberly White/Getty Images]