Estranged Husband Of ‘Real Housewives’ Star Jules Wainstein Sued For Renting Out House He DIdn’t Own

It’s starting to sound like Michael Wainstein, the estranged husband of RHONY star Jules Wainstein, is spending more time in court than anywhere else. On The Real Housewives of New York, he tried to convey to the audience that he was filthy rich and successful, but now that too is coming into question, as it is alleged that he was involved with a scam, renting out a home that didn’t belong to him. Given that Michael Wainstein reportedly cannot make his support payments, things aren’t looking up.

Amidst court dates and arguments with her husband, Michael Wainstein, that led to the police showing up, RHONY star Jules Wainstein was already having a rough time when Bravo axed her, says the Inquisitr. Although she claims it’s fine and gives her more time to focus on her family, it is alleged that her husband talked her into RHONY to pull a Kelsey Grammer on her.

It seems that a well-known composer is suing Michael Wainstein for renting him a place on the Upper West Side that he didn’t actually own and had no rights to, says Page Six. The composer, Jonathan Sheffer, who has written music for films like Batman Returns, has filed a civil suit that claims Michael Wainstein tricked him into paying him $26.7 million for an apartment at the Apthorp.


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Sheffer had just sold his house and was looking for extra space to house a nanny for his newborn twins. Sheffer says he was led to believe that Wainstein had a small apartment in the building, so he met with Michael Wainstein and signed a lease for $4,000 a month, a broker’s fee, and a security deposit. He then paid an extra $6,000 to fix broken tiles and other items in the kitchen.

Sheffer eventually found out that the apartment didn’t belong to Michael Wainstein, it belonged to his wife before her marriage — and the couple were going through a divorce. Then, it was revealed that Wainstein could not rent the property because Jules was three years behind on common charges (something like condo fees).

Michael Wainstein pocketed the cash knowing that he had no rights to the unit and that it couldn’t be rented anyway.

The Real Deal is saying that Michael Wainstein faked a contract in order to get the check from Sheffer and pocketed the full amount. At the time, Sheffer did not know about the Wainstein’s divorce, but he soon discovered that, according to city records, Jules Wainstein was the owner, and she was not represented anywhere on the contract.

It is being reported that Michael Wainstein is finding himself in financial trouble as he was hit with a lien this summer of $23,000 for not paying state taxes.

Michael Wainstein is also facing contempt of court charges, as he has missed the $10,000 support payment to his estranged wife, Jules Wainstein, says the Daily Mail. Jules is also claiming that he has not paid the children’s school tuition or the utility bills. A lawyer for Michael Wainstein claims he has no income and that his credit cards have been frozen, leaving him unable to meet the court’s demands.

Michael Wainstein is the owner and founder of venture capitalist firm Private Capital Group, and he is reported to be worth $25 million, which is what is confusing the judge about the Wainstein divorce. Michael Wainstein has said that he plans to seek full custody of the two children, but fans of RHONY saw a man who seemed disinterested in the Wainstein kids, Jagger and Rio.

Do you think Michael Wainstein is hiding money so that he does not have to pay up?

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