Cynthia Bailey Divorce: Fans Think She May Be Faking It For ‘RHOA’ To Secure Role

Cynthia Bailey revealed that her marriage was in trouble on last year’s season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and she hinted that she was close to separating from her husband, Peter Thomas. The two had argued throughout the season after an Instagram video surfaced of Peter getting a little too close to another woman, and Cynthia started questioning whether this marriage was right for her. As it turns out, Bailey decided to file for divorce when the show was on hiatus, and Peter revealed that he never thought his wife would file for divorce and end their marriage.

According to a new tweet, Cynthia Bailey‘s divorce is now being questioned by viewers. When she filed for divorce, people genuinely thought that her marriage was over, and people felt horrible for her. They sold their Atlanta mansion, and Bailey bought a lakeside home. Peter, who had been spending more and more time in Charlotte, might have relocated to North Carolina. But people were shocked when Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas were spotted holding hands on a cast trip just a few weeks ago, and this act fueled rumors that they were only faking the divorce for ratings.

“Cynthia Bailey says it’s ‘hard’ to watch her divorce from husband Peter Thomas play out on,” read a tweet from People magazine linking to an article where Cynthia is discussing her divorce from Peter Thomas, but not everyone believed her.

“Because they’re not actually getting divorced goodbye Cynthia walk down the runway off the show #RHOA,” one Twitter follower wrote in response to the article, which echoed many viewer opinions that the divorce isn’t actually happening.

It is possible that Bailey has taken some time off in between filming. She found a home outside of Atlanta, and she shared the news once she purchased the home. But if you think you’ve heard the last of her divorce, you are wrong. In a People article, Cynthia Bailey reveals that her divorce from Peter will be a huge part of her storyline this season. Even though they are divorcing, it sounds like Thomas will still be a part of the show. Maybe he will return to the show so he can get paid to continue growing his businesses.


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“Yes, you will see it play out,” Cynthia Bailey told Tamera Mowry during a visit to The Real, sharing that her divorce will be in focus on this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, according to People, adding, “Peter and I, we’ve always been very transparent in our relationship and it’s worked for and against us at the same time. Just being on the show, I think it’s been important for us to just really keep it real, like you guys do.”

The divorce doesn’t come as a huge shock to people who have watched The Real Housewives of Atlanta for years. Just last year, Thomas told his wife that they couldn’t continue with the way their marriage was working. They were spending more and more time apart, but people also thought that the divorce would be the end of the marriage and the end of the story.

“So yes, you will see it play out. And, it’s kind of hard because we got married on the show — we’re actually the only couple who got married on The Real Housewives of Atlanta — and to have to go through a divorce on the show is not easy, but I think the only thing more tragic than divorce is being in something that’s not working anymore,” Cynthia Bailey pointed out during the interview, according to People.

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