Kate Middleton’s ‘Vogue’ Cover Slammed By Notable Irish Designer, ‘Wasn’t Like Diana At All’

British Vogue’s 100th issue was celebrated by including a cover photo of Duchess Kate Middleton. Middleton appeared as the day-to-day natural beauty she is, in lovely casual attire with her beaming and endearing smile, which captivated many. However, some critics have surfaced and shared that they were entirely underwhelmed by the cover shot and photoshoot with the Duchess.

Irish designer Paul Costelloe was one individual who had little positive to say about the anniversary issue of the notable magazine. Costelloe shared with the Independent that he “was very disappointed with Kate’s Vogue cover.” Many believed that the country cover of the Duchess was too casual and left viewers less than impressed.

The designer, who worked closely with the late Princess Diana, mother to the Duke of Cambridge, on her couture and statement wear, has yet to have the opportunity to work with Kate Middleton, although he claims it is something he would like to do.

“It would be amazing if she could wear my collection, although she has worn Orla Kiely and we should be very proud of her,” he said, speaking of the Irish designer fondly.

In comparing Diana with Duchess Kate, he stated that the cover “…wasn’t like Diana at all.”

Costelloe has been a notable designer at London Fashion Week since 1991 and is currently celebrating the launch of his latest jewelry line, indicating he does know a thing or two about fashion. He was the personal designer to Diana from 1982 until 1997 and went on to elaborate in regards to his disappointment in the June cover of the iconic magazine.

“She’s still stunning, but they could have done a lot more for the cover. Kate’s not as individual as Princess Diana. She’s not offering the excitement, unexpectedness and vulnerability that Princess Diana did.”

The designer also was sure to draw on the influences in Middleton’s life who steer her to be the more wholesome figure and to play the part as the “daughter-in-law” the best she can.

“She’s filling the perfect daughter-in-law role. She’s her mother’s daughter, and it’s clear her mother plays a very important role in her life, which is good. Kate has a very different background to Princess Diana. Diana’s mother was an aristocrat while Kate’s was an air hostess. She’s very obedient.”

Costelloe did, however, have only wonderful things to say about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s children, stating that they are “absolutely gorgeous.” In true form, and in his blunt manner, he capitalized on this compliment by then adding “It’s almost as if they’re too perfect.”

Although the outspoken 71-year-old designer had little good to say about the cover, many were endeared to Middleton all the more by her appearance on the issue as well as the interview she gave for it. Kate spoke earlier this year about being her family’s own photographer and even shared how she often does her own makeup for events and also about how she drove herself to the Vogue photoshoot. Although she is similar to Diana in many ways, such as her striking natural beauty and lovely way with people, Kate is an individual and makes a statement all her own. The magazine captured the true essence of Kate.

The Daily Mail shares about the intention Middleton had for her shoot, wanting it to be a reflection of who she is away from the glitz and the glamor.

“Kate joked about ‘how she must have appeared to anyone who saw her driving in the car in her rollers,’ Vogue editor Alexandra Schulman, who interviewed the Duchess, said. The Duchess, who is a patron of the National Portrait Gallery which is currently hosting the magazine’s retrospective, had wanted the photographs to reflect her ‘private existence’.”

[Featured Image by Andrew Chin/Getty Images]