‘Doctor Strange’ Movie: Surprise Villain Introduced, Post-Credits Scene Explains Marvel Cinematic Universe Connection? [Spoilers]

In a couple of weeks, the Doctor Strange movie hits the theaters, and already, spoiler material is out there. The MCU is known for its villainous roles, and Benedict Cumberbatch did facial motion capture for one in the flick. The post-credit scene at the end of the movie is worth sitting through, but the footage could be confusing to some people, according to the Independent.

Benedict Cumberbatch Plays A Villainous Character

In late September, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige teased the Dormammu character, according to Newsarama. Feige spoke of the “Dark Dimension,” in addition to the parallel universes of the multiverse, and he acknowledged the existence of the villain in this dimension, but he never confirmed Dormammu’s appearance in the Doctor Strange movie.

Director Scott Derrickson did mention in the past that Doctor Strange will be the “darkest and most serious Marvel movie,” and the aforementioned Dormammu adds to that element.

“What we’re playing with in this world is that there are dimensions. That the other dimensions are not just parallel realities -although some of them are – but [there is the] Dark Dimension, where Dormammu inhabits. There are dimensions that are so mind-bending that you can barely perceive them.”

When IGN spoke with Derrickson, he revealed that Dark Dormammu, who was summoned Mads Mikkelsen’s Kaecilius in the final act of the movie, was voiced by a British actor while Cumberbatch did the motion capture of the face.

After the first Avengers movie, Thanos had no assigned actor in place, and it wasn’t revealed until Guardians of the Galaxy that Josh Brolin played the Mad Titan, according to IGN.

Derrickson was also asked “if this was a way to defer casting the role.”

“No, no, it wasn’t that at all. We knew it was an all CG character, but as we were in production Benedict brought it up as an idea. He said, ‘What would you think about me doing it?’ I said, ‘Let me think about it, you know.'”

Doctor Strange Post-Credit Footage Explained

Since sitting through the credits of a Marvel movie has become second nature to comic book fans, you’ll have this to look forward to. This piece of footage featured Chris Hemsworth’s Thor character drinking a “magical mead” and wearing human clothes.

“So Earth has wizards now?”

Doctor Strange tells Thor that he keeps a watchlist on those who might be a threat to Earth, and he mentions Loki’s name. He questioned Thor on why his brother was brought to this world.

“I keep a watchlist of individuals and beings from other realms, that may be a threat to this world. Your adopted brother Loki is one of those beings. So…why bring him here to New York?”

Thor explains to Doctor Strange the events that had occurred between him and his brother, as well as the rest of the Asgardian family. Thor explained he needed Loki to help him find his father, Odin. Strange then asked him if he were to find his father, would he and his family head back to Asgard. Thor responded with a big “yes” on that one.

Strange said, “Right. Allow me to help you.”

It’s All Connected To Thor Movies?

It was confirmed that the Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi filmed this post-credit scene. Then there’s a Twitter photo of Hemsworth holding a note with the Sanctum Sanctorum’s address as it is known in the comics.

This is interesting because on the set of Thor 3, Anthony Hopkins is seen on the set as Odin, who appears dressed as a homeless man. That being said, do you honestly think Strange will join the Thunder God in Thor: Ragnarok? So, how would he fit into the rumored Planet Hulk storyline?

Interestingly enough, the release dates for both flicks are almost exactly one year apart from each other, and according to IGN, this could reveal the whereabouts of Odin after the events of Thor: The Dark World.

Will this all connect to the teased Illuminati?

The Doctor Strange movie is set for release on November 4, and the film is directed by Scott Derrickson. It will also usher the MCU into the multiverse.

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