‘Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World – Death or Kiss’ Visual Novel Gets Konomi Suzuki, While Limited Edition Makes You Choose Between Rem And Ram

Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World – Death or Kiss‘ developers 5pb have confirmed that Konomi Suzuki, who sung the first anime theme, “Redo,” will sing the game’s opening song “yell! Kuchibiru kara Hajimaru Mahou (yell! magic starts with a kiss)”. Moreover, the makers have also managed to secure the vocal talents of Inori Minase, who voices Rem, and Rie Murakawa, who voices Ram. The duo is expected to individually record the ending “Dai Dai Daisuki.”

The hotly anticipated visual novel Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Death or Kiss, based on the immensely popular Japanese anime of the same name (except the Death or Kiss part), has been scheduled to release on March 23, 2017. While there is a lot of time for the visual novel to be available, the excitement about it is already at an all-time high. Although the developers did not categorically announce the Japanese limited edition, 5pb is expected to release 11,340 yen ($111) limited edition of Re:ZERO Death or Kiss, alongside the 8,100 yen ($80) standard edition of the visual novel in Japan, revealed a few popular retailers of Japanese games.

Fortunately, irrespective of the purchase, be it standard or limited, early buyers of the game will be granted access to exclusive downloadable content (DLC). While the makers haven’t elaborated about the DLC, it is said to contain multiple fancy virtual swimsuits that will offer the player an edge in the “Swimsuit Costume Change” round of the game. However, 5pb hasn’t confirmed who exactly will be allowed to change into a swimsuit.


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Although special limited edition version of the game will include some collectibles that fans are expected to be excited about, they will be faced with a tough dilemma about which platform to play the game on. The game is being developed for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

While both the editions are exclusive to Sony’s platforms, the PS4 version will include a limited edition Ram SD Figure, while the Vita version will have the Rem SD Figure bundled, reported Shack News. The figurines are exclusive to the platform, and fans won’t be able to buy them separately in case they want to have a complete set. Moreover, the developers haven’t included Emilia’s figurines. It is not clear why the developers chose to forgo one of the primary game characters that have time and again proven indispensable to Subaru, and helped him during all of his heroic, not-so-heroic, and sometimes childish adventures as well as decisions.

Both the Re:ZERO Death or Kiss PS4 and PS Vita editions will include a soundtrack, confirmed 5pb, and added that Konomi Suzuki has agreed to sing the opening song, reported Crunchy Roll. Additionally, Inori Minase and Rie Murakawa will record the end song for the game.

Though the developers of the game haven’t offered regular updates, several snippets of information were released when the news of the game surfaced. The title of the game reveals the central theme of the visual novel. However, beyond the core concept of dying and resurrection at a preset point in the story, the visual novel borrows very little from the popular Japanese anime.

So far, the developers have revealed the game revolves around a beauty contest in which all the leading ladies, including Emilia, Ram, Rem, Beatrice, Felt, Priscilla, Anastasia, and Crusch participate. The winner of the beauty contest is to receive a treasure that promises immense wealth, luck, and respect. While the treasure is said to offer a fast-track to royalty, it is in fact cursed. Subaru accidentally discovers the “Death Curse” on the treasure. Players have to control Subaru’s decisions and choices as the game progresses. While Subaru’s primary goal is to win a heartfelt kiss from the female participants, he must also ensure that no one approaches or touches the cursed treasure.

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