‘Law & Order: SVU’ Episode ‘Unstoppable’ With Donald Trump-Like Character Postponed Until After Election

NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU” episode titled “Unstoppable” is being described as, “A politician’s campaign goes haywire when several women go public with damaging accusations” according to an “All Things Law & Order” blog. Sound familiar? It is supposed to.

Entertainment Weekly reported yesterday that NBC’s “Law & Order: SVU” episode titled “Unstoppable” was originally set for an air date of tonight, October 26, but after much deliberation, NBC has postponed the show for an air date after the election. The episode features a character who is a politician making a White House bid, but gets caught up in some damaging accusations.

The character is played by Gary Cole of “Veep” who has also guest-starred on “The Good Wife” as a ballistics expert. The promotional trailer for the episode describes it as an “unforgettable performance” of Gary Cole.

In the episode of “Unstoppable,” the character played by Gary Cole is known to say things such as “I’m a handsome charming millionaire, women throw themselves at me.” The episode originally scheduled to air tonight has been rescheduled many times, due to elements in the storyline that make it “touchy to air in the current climate” reports Yahoo News.

In addition to Gary Cole, the episode will also feature guest stars of Meredith Travers and Bianca Amato, reports Yahoo News.

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Actor Peter Gallagher is also in the episode of “Unstoppable” and it won’t be his first appearance on “SVU.” He plays the police chief Chief Dodds on the show, deputy chief of the fictional setting of the “Special Victims Unit.”

While NBC may be shy about airing the episode or thoughts in a touchy political climate, Peter Gallagher certainly is not. His Twitter timeline is peppered with support for many Democratic initiatives including the Climate Change Education Bill and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. He has also tweeted thoughts such as “Trumpty Dumpty.”

Variety Magazine says that the character played by Gary Cole is a “wealthy and boorish man.” Variety also reports that the episode was inspired by the civil lawsuit currently pending against the current Republican nominee for President, Donald Trump, where a woman known only as Jane Doe claims Donald Trump raped her when she was 13-years-old.

Donald Trump has expressly denied the accusations. In the promotional trailer for this episode of “Law & Order,” so does the character played by Gary Cole.

Yahoo News reports that the episode was actually written months ago, and production on the episode ended over a month ago. That would have been long before the sexual assault allegations against presidential nominee Donald Trump “began to steamroll” reports Yahoo. Actor Currie Graham of “Murder in the First” is also in the episode.

Yahoo also says “Unstoppable” was almost considered by NBC as the season premiere to air on September 21. That would have been long before the tapes of NBC’s Access Hollywood were released where Donald Trump is heard saying to Billy Bush, “I just start kissing women, I don’t even wait.” That incident put NBC in the national conversation of a political campaign and ultimately led to the firing of NBC’s Billy Bush from the Today Show.

Yahoo reports that NBC sources have said the decision to delay the episode again was prompted by the fact that four women came forward with allegations against the presidential nominee on October 14. On October 14, Gloria Allred held a press conference with a former contestant on the NBC show “The Apprentice” where she accused Donald Trump of forcing himself on her during a dinner meeting.

Donald Trump has denied all allegations by all women, saying they were all politically motivated and wanted to become famous by striking allegations against him.

The “Law & Order: SVU” episode called “Unstoppable” was written by seasoned SVU writers Julie Martin and Rick Eid. It has been “heavily scrutinized” by the top executives of NBC in light of the political climate reports Yahoo. The episode is still a go, but will not hit the airwaves until one week after the election, and will air on November 16.

Watch a trailer for the episode here.

Yahoo News reports that some “SVU” veterans were concerned the delaying of the show was politically motivated. But a close source to the show told Variety Magazine that the show often creates storylines based on real-life situations, and that, when a political figure is involved, the episodes always undergo more scrutiny than usual by the NBC brass and the higher ups of Wolf Entertainment.

Moreover, Variety Magazine reports that the final decision was made so that NBC did not appear politically motivated to viewers. Variety also reports that NBC did not want to look like it was taking a position on the allegations Donald Trump is currently facing.

NBC also has a long business relationship with Donald Trump, that includes many seasons of “The Apprentice” and also the Miss Universe pageant, that NBC Universal shared ownership with Donald Trump until last year. “Law & Order: SVU” the “Unstoppable” episode is set to air November 16 on NBC at 9 p.m. Eastern Time.

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