Kanye West Dumps Kim Kardashian After Robbery? New Report Has Kim ‘Hysterical’ After ‘Betrayal’

Rapper Kanye West is definitely known for touting his own successes, and his wife Kim Kardashian is definitely one of the more touted successes of his life, but is Kanye really coldhearted enough to dump his super-socialite wife at her lowest point following her dramatic Paris robbery? That’s what a new report is claiming, saying that Kimmy K is “hysterical” after Kanye “dumped her when she needed him the most.”

The new report comes courtesy of In Touch Magazine, which carried on its cover the wild claim that Kanye West had “dumped” Kim Kardashian, calling the rapper’s diss of his wife “the ultimate betrayal” and saying that Kardashian had “[locked] herself in her home for days” and that Kanye had had enough of Kim’s moping, weeping hermit life.

According to In Touch, Kanye’s decision to add 20 new tour dates to his “Saint Pablo Tour” sparked “a blazing argument” between West and Kardashian, with Kim explaining that she doesn’t want him away on tour, as she hates being alone after being assaulted, tied up, and robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewelry while in Paris. Reportedly, Kardashian screamed at Kanye for not taking her feelings into account.

“‘I’m not your full-time therapist,’ and stormed out. At the lowest point in her life, Kim was dumped,” a supposed source told In Touch. The source went on to say that Kim was simply shocked and “just can’t believe that her own husband who should be there for her ‘for better or worse’ is putting [Kanye’s “Saint Pablo Tour”] before her own emotional state.”

“This is the worst time of [Kardashian’s] life, and she thought she could count on Kanye. She was wrong.”

Kardashian has been understandably on edge for weeks now following the Paris robbery, so it’s quite plausible that she would be anxious about Kanye being away for an additional 20 tour dates. But is it likely that Kanye, who canceled one tour date mid-show when word came that Kim was in danger, would blow up on his wife the way In Touch is reporting?

According to Gossip Cop, the answer is no. On a scale of 0 to 10, the gossip debunking site gives the reports that Kanye dumped Kim Kardashian a flat-out 0.

“Of course, in actuality, it’s In Touch that’s wrong. Gossip Cop has already debunked similar stories that falsely claimed Kardashian was upset with West continuing his tour. On the contrary, she supports him fulfilling his professional obligations and is happy he works so hard to financially support their family.”

What’s more, just hours before In Touch‘s story on Kanye “dumping” Kardashian came out, Kim was actually seen at a Kanye west concert in Los Angeles. Not exactly the sort of thing you’d expect Kim to do if she’d just had a blow-up with Kanye over further concert dates. Gossip Cop says that a Kardashian rep has confirmed for them that the reports of Kanye dumping Kardashian are “obviously false.”

What’s not “obviously false,” though, is the fact that Kardashian is having a difficult time adjusting to her post-robbery life. The socialite/multimedia mogul is said to be going back and forth between stepping away from the spotlight — her endlessly Instagrammed life is said to have played a role in making the robbery easier to time – and jumping back into the fame scene. Kardashian was only recently spotted out with a camera crew for the first time in a while, and that was at the aforementioned Kanye West concert.

Meanwhile, Kardashian has seen her security detail bulked up considerably, as Kanye reportedly wants to make certain that the mother of his children is never again accosted and bound up. Kim reportedly has “a ton more security now… like the military.”

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