Ben Higgins Thanks Chad Johnson For Filming ‘Ben And Lauren’: Has He Won Over Fans From ‘The Bachelorette’?

Ben Higgins and his future wife, Lauren Bushnell, are currently sharing their lives on their spin-off show called, Ben And Lauren: Happily Ever After. The two are currently planning their wedding, which will be aired by ABC. But the wedding planning was too stressful for them, and they decided to take some time off by bonding with some of the former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars. They went camping, and people were surprised when Chad Johnson showed up. He hadn’t really been friendly with the cast, and some viewers felt it was completely staged.

According to a new tweet, Ben Higgins is now revealing that he’s actually thankful that Chad took the time to come out and go on the camping trip with the other stars. Of course, Johnson also got drunk on Bachelor in Paradise and made Lace cry. So when fans learned that he was going on the camping trip as well, they were concerned about his behavior. But as it turns out, Chad had spent time apologizing — about two hours of apologizing in fact.

“I know I’m not supposed to talk about ‘Behind the Scenes’ stuff, but I apologized for 2 HOURS STRAIGHT.. Yes 2 HOURS STRAIGHT #BenAndLauren,” Chad Johnson revealed after last night’s episode of Ben And Lauren: Happily Ever After aired, to which Ben Higgins replied, “Both Lauren Bushnell and I are glad you came…thanks man.”

On Ben and Lauren, Ben Higgins explained that Lauren had felt bad for Chad after they met him on After the Final Rose for JoJo Fletcher’s season, and she invited him to go camping. Lauren also explained that Lace and Grant were invited but said they couldn’t come, which is why Chad was invited. She and Ben Higgins never intended for all of them to come on the trip. But some fans seem very forgiving of Chad, revealing that he has done a lot to clear his name.


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Sure, he was known as the villain on the show, but Ben Higgins and Lauren have been able to forgive him for his behavior, and Bushnell was convinced that Johnson is indeed a good person. And it sounds like viewers think he is funny, and he brings an entertaining element to the entire franchise. And after Ben Higgins thanked him for coming on the trip, people quickly agreed that he needs a second chance.

“That wasn’t a camping trip dat was an intervention. Not cool. Let them man enjoy himself for once,” one person wrote in defense of Chad, while another person wrote directly to Johnson, “you’re the realist person who’s been on the show and the only reason I watched last season! Please get your own show!!!”

While Higgins tried to keep the peace between all of the people on the camping trip, people were quick to side with Johnson over the drama that unfolded on Bachelor in Paradise. In fact, Lace didn’t get much support.

“No need to apologize, Lacie is a drunk dingbat that needs to get over it,” a third person wrote, while others wrote, “you can totally see that you tried to do just that, apologize. It’s such bullshit how they treated you” and “feel ya buddy…not happy that peeps keep bringing your mom up. Lost my dad a while back & that kinda stuff just ain’t cool.”

What do you think of Ben Higgins inviting Chad Johnson on the camping trip? Do you think it’s admirable for Higgins and Lauren to invite him on the trip, even though he’s clearly had issues with the other stars of the Bachelor franchise?

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