‘Final Fantasy 15’: PC Release Possible, Square Enix Confirms ‘FF XV’ Multiplayer DLC

Final Fantasy fans have even more reason to get excited.

Square Enix continues to trickle out information about Final Fantasy XV, and there’s no shortage of hype and high expectations. Understandably so, as fans have been waiting years for this game to be released. The anticipation is almost palpable. If you thought everything had been revealed, however, Square Enix has more bells and whistles in store for Noctis’s adventure.

Final Fantasy XV is confirmed on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, and XBox One. But are PC fans being left out of the loop? Director Hajime Tabata is toying with the idea, but nothing concrete has come of it. We already know that PC consumers would have a field day with news that Final Fantasy XV was coming to the PC, so it would be a smart move to grant them a port of the highly anticipated game.

Hajime Tabata is practically on the fence and teasing the idea that Final Fantasy XV will see a release on PC everywhere. According to Vida Extra, an interview conducted with Tabata confirms that a Final Fantasy XV on anything other than console is more of an idea than reality. While the interview is in Spanish, translation reveals that Hajime and his team want to focus on the console release doing well. Still, Square Enix’s new installment will be getting PlayStation 4 Pro support. Who’s to say that PC won’t get some love once the console dust has settled?

Noctis will take on gargantuan foes. It wouldn't be a fight without a Behemoth involved. [Image By Square Enix]

This hasn’t stopped Final Fantasy fans from expressing their interest in a PC adventure for Noctis. Consumers have gone as far as making a petition to bring the game to PC. The last time we saw this much engagement was for Final Fantasy XIII, and FFXIII was ported down the line after the initial launch. Unfortunately, it seems like Lightning didn’t strike where Square Enix had intended. Here’s hoping that Noctis won’t warp into the same fate.

Final Fantasy XV has been confirmed for a multiplayer DLC. According to Square Portal, a livestream during the Final Fantasy XV Paris Game Show revealed that Square Enix has plans to release additional content that would bring new ways to experience the game. While it might be completely out of left field for some, few can say that such a feature wasn’t thought about. After all, there’s more than one character that takes on the weight of XV‘s story. Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto are with Noctis every step of the way.

Noctis, Gladio, Ignis, and Prompto are on an adventure bigger than they could have imagined. [Image By Square Enix]

To accentuate this, Square has also mentioned that we’ll be getting different episodes that focus on these characters separately. If Noctis isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps another member of the crew will gain your interest. Swords not your thing? No problem. Favor the bulky Gladio over the smaller stature of Prompto? Square Enix has you covered. Whatever your flavor, players will have access to each character and the skills they bring to the table.

Final Fantasy XV will appeal to audiences looking for a single or Co-Op experience, giving even more value to the game. Of course, other DLC will most likely be revealed once fans have explored and formed a solid opinion on the game’s original content. Whatever the case, the future looks bright for Square Enix as they put the finishing touches on Final Fantasy XV.

Will more be revealed before Noctis makes his way into our homes? It seems possible considering how late the Omen CG short came into the picture. Regardless, it’s a move in the right direction for Square Enix to be including so many features in Final Fantasy XV.

What are your thoughts on Co-Op in Final Fantasy XV? Is it enough to convince you to purchase the game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image By Square Enix]