A Negan Costume Might Be A Great Last-Minute Halloween 2016 Idea For ‘The Walking Dead’ Fanatics

Ever since April when The Walking Dead introduced its latest big villain, a certain character has been the subject of spoiler alerts across the internet. As a result, we might see kids in Negan costumes roaming the streets with their own “Lucille” bats on Halloween 2016.

You could probably expect to see a lot of profile pictures featuring Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s smiling mug with his infamous bat propped on his shoulder as well. Negan is just that famous now, moreso because of the Walking Dead Season 7 premiere which dropped last Sunday.

The past six months have mostly been grueling for fans of the show, as the Season 6 finale showed a second-person perspective of Negan’s infamous first kill with “Lucille.” The episode didn’t show who was killed, though, and it polarized fans, who scoured the internet looking for spoilers. Even fans of the comic book had expectations they weren’t sure would be met.

Negan turned out to be an almost likable villain, almost a copy of some of Quentin Tarantino’s best ones. He’s chatty and smiling one second, and then bashing someone’s head in almost before you can draw a breath, just because someone tried to attack him.

If you’re looking for spoilers here, you won’t find them. What you will find, however, is a quick last-minute idea for a Halloween 2016 Negan costume. Just avoid using actual barbed wire, because you might hurt yourself or others with it. Until the actual zombie apocalypse happens, a weapon like that probably shouldn’t even exist.

WGNO says you should start your Negan costume with black boots, which may be sold at Sears or any home improvement store. You might find them in mall stores, but it will likely cost you more.

Black or brown jeans should be easy to find at your local Walmart or wherever inexpensive clothes are sold.

Next, you’ll want a brown belt, preferably with a loop holster or possibly an altered smartphone holder. Negan put Rick’s hatchet in it in the sneak preview.

Follow this up with a white T-shirt and a red or maroon bandana around your neck. Both should be relatively inexpensive and easy to find.

Finally, you’ll need a black leather jacket. You could get away with the cheap stuff as well, but you might want to keep it for the colder months ahead. If you plan on using it for the long term, you might want to visit LeatherUp for a good one. It will cost you a bit more, but it’s high quality.

The bat itself can be found at any sporting goods department, though for public safety you might want to settle for a plastic one. For the barbed wire, try using the fake stuff and duct tape to hold it on. If you can’t find fake barbed wire, you can use silver yarn or uninsulated aluminum wire.

To get the face right, you might want to use some dark gray face paint and make yourself a quick five o’clock shadow and mustache. Those cheap plastic masks are often awkward and held on with easily breakable rubber bands anyway. For the hair, you could die it black and use hairspray to slick it back.

Now that you have a good Negan costume, you should probably watch out for Daryl Dixon or Rick Grimes cosplayers on Halloween 2016. If you’ve seen the first episode of The Walking Dead season 7, you know why. If not, you’ll find out when the episode hits Netflix next year, unless you want to use your free trial of PlayStation Vue and catch it there.

[Featured Image by AMC]