O’Keefe, WikiLeaks Fallout: Public Discourse, Waking Up American Voters

WikiLeaks fallout continues as people across social media respond to the dripping of stunning news that keeps on coming before the November general election to select new leaders in the United States of America.

One question which hit State Department Spokesperson John Kirby on Tuesday afternoon during an otherwise typical press briefing with journalists was due to the most recent WikiLeaks fallout revelations on whether or not the Government of Morocco got “any kind of special aid?”

The Twitter-verse responds to the most recent WikiLeaks fallout issue too, of course.

Managing to report on the drip-drip of even more eyebrow-raising, continuous WikiLeaks fallout dumping, the Washington Post writer Rosalind S. Helderman reports on the “transparency” problems and distress felt by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s soon-to-be campaign chairman, John Podesta. Podesta emailed about Clinton’s personal lawyer, David Kendall, as well as Clinton’s former State Department staffers Cheryl Mills and Philippe Reines.

“Speaking of transparency, our friends Kendall, Cheryl and Phillipe sure weren’t forthcoming on the facts here.”

Replying to Podesta, Neera Tanden, a friend who has worked for Clinton wrote back.

“Why didn’t they get this stuff out like 18 months ago?”

Tanden had more to tell her friend Podesta, however.

“So crazy. I guess I know the answer. They wanted to get away with it.”

Previously, Green Party Candidate for President, Dr. Jill Stein,” also took on “corporate media” and their bias for rival Hillary Clinton, in light of revelations from the WikiLeaks fallout.

orporate media and WikiLeaks fallout
Dr. Jill Stein [Image via Twitter]

The Guardian has been reporting on a possible conspiracy to “take down” the publisher/founder of WikiLeaks, Julian Assange. The post by Esther Addley reports that “[t]he governments of the US and Ecuador have denied that they conspired to silence Julian Assange, after the WikiLeaks founder’s internet access was cut off at his London embassy home to stop him releasing damaging information about Hillary Clinton’s US election campaign.

From a RealClearPolitics post, Tom Kuntz writes about “guerrilla journalist” James O’Keefe and the WikiLeaks fallout. The publishing online of emails released have “… exposed duplicity and hypocrisy at the highest reaches of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, and a discomfiting coziness between some journalists and her staff.”

He points out the facts as he sees it. First, he writes about O’Keefe.

“… O’Keefe sent undercover reporters to record video of Democratic operatives describing dirty tricks: making mischief and inciting violence at Trump rallies as well as voter fraud.”

Then, Kuntz writes about his own feelings.

“I’m not here to praise O’Keefe or Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, or to celebrate their methods. But their media critics do seem to be suffering from both amnesia and cognitive dissonance when they cast ‘edited video’ and dubious sources as being beyond the ink-stained pale.”

While media apparently goes after what Kuntz describes as the “provenance” of the emails, and he admits it is “an important angle,” he writes that it is unfortunate how “… some in the press have been too willing” to “discredit or downplay the material itself – much as the Clinton campaign has.”

“Some of the most notable moments of modern journalism have involved major news organizations receiving and publishing information either stolen or surreptitiously obtained.”

Kuntz also mentions the Pentagon Papers and even the “[m]ysteriously acquired pages from Donald Trump’s 1995 tax returns.”

The American public is quite upset and some are so angry about the shenanigans this election cycle that they will be pushing back through their votes in November, it seems from previous observations on social media reported here at the Inquisitr already.

In that story as some posts on Twitter showed, emotions run high regarding the news that Bernie Sanders supporters were so badly treated by Hillary Clinton and her campaign supporters. One tweet is shown below.

Wikileaks fallout Assange
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange [Image by Frank Augstein/AP Images]

So as November looms larger on the calendar, and questions arise about the motives of leakers going undercover to hunt down the truth this year and disseminate it to voters, don’t get distracted by what is being called the WikiLeaks fallout.

Waking up can be difficult, with every problem being faced today, but speaking up may be even more important to the nation and its future course.

[Featured Image by Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP Images]