Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star Destroyed With Sledgehammer, Despite Previously Constructed Wall [Video]

An anti-Trump activist disguised as a city construction worker has destroyed Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star during an early morning, sledgehammer-related attack. Reportedly, the anti-Donald Trump “star destroyer” had originally planned to remove the star from the sidewalk in order to auction it off in New York. Video of the destruction of the Donald Trump star is available here, via Deadline.

He promised that any proceeds he raised from selling off the Donald Trump star were earmarked for the dozen women who have come forward to accuse the former reality TV star of sexual assault, report the Hill. Unfortunately, something apparently went horribly wrong, as the man, identified as Jamie Otis, tried to removed the Donald Trump star from the Walk of Fame with a sledgehammer. At some point after his pre-dawn hammer assault on the Donald Trump Walk of Fame star began (police believe that the attack on the Donald Trump star began just before 6 a.m. local time), the would-be star thief decided to aim for all-out destruction of the Donald Trump star instead.

Now, in the aftermath of the attack on the Donald Trump star, all that’s left is some star-shaped rubble.

This isn’t the first time that Donald Trump and his Hollywood star have been the target of attacks since Donald began his White House bid. Since his campaign began, Donald Trump’s star has been under a seemingly constant threat of attack. It’s been defaced with a swastika, surrounded by a tiny and ineffectual wall (an homage to Donald Trump’s plan to fortify the Southern U.S. border), and even threatened with removal by way of a petition that garnered thousands of signatures.

Donald Trump earned his Walk of Fame star with his work on Celebrity Apprentice.

Following Donald Trump clinching the Republican presidential nomination, an artist did some tiny and amusing work on Donald Trump’s star, erecting a little, to-scale wall around the thing, replete with adorable and thought-provoking details. According to the artist, the little wall around the Donald Trump star was self-funded and required no Mexican money to complete, reports Bored Panda.

“I built and paid for the wall myself. No Mexican money.”

The little wall around the Donald Trump star featured four American flags, tiny razor wire, and even a little, itty-bitty sign reading, “Stop making stupid people famous.”

Eventually, the little wall around Donald Trump’s star proved as ineffectual and insulting, as so many American voters think a southern border wall would be for the U.S. It was later removed.

Earlier in 2016, way back in January, Donald Trump and his Hollywood star were targeted with a darker message. After roughly a year of being called a “Nazi” and people pointing out parallels between Trump and Hitler, someone defaced Donald’s Hollywood star with a black, spray-painted, backward swastika.

The swastika on Donald Trump’s star didn’t last long, reports the Wrap. In fact, it was removed in the overnight hours.

People who frequent the Walk of Fame have stated that the swastika wasn’t the first act of vandalism they’ve seen on or near the Donald Trump star since the reality TV alum announced his U.S. presidential dreams. In fact, one man who wanders the area of Hollywood dressed as Batman reports that people even pretend to defecate on Donald Trump’s star frequently, adding that Donald’s tiny corner of the Walk of Fame gets more hate than any other area he has ever seen.

“I’ve never seen this kind of hate put on a star before, not even Bill Cosby.”

Folks who want to take a less disgusting approach than faux public pooing have taken aim at the Donald Trump star via other channels — namely, through the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. Earlier this year, thousands of signatures were gathered in a petition to have Trump’s star removed from the Walk of Fame. Unfortunately for those who signed the petition (and perhaps the star itself, given Wednesday morning’s destruction), the Chamber of Commerce refused to remove the Donald Trump star from the famed sidewalk.

Now, there’s no telling when the Donald Trump Walk of Fame star will be repaired and available for future defacement and political statements. Also, there is no yet word on what official charges the man accused of destroying Donald Trump’s star might be facing for his actions, but the LAPD is investigating.

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