‘Killer Clown’ Phone Number: Wrinkles The Clown Is Real And He Wants To Scare Your Children


A “killer clown” phone number is available to anyone who is interested in hiring a scary clown. Wrinkles the Clown is willing to terrorize anyone — for a price. However, he is notorious for frightening children who misbehave.

In a November 2015 interview with the Washington Post, Wrinkles the Clown revealed that he is a native of Rhode Island who moved to Naples, Florida, in 2010.

Although he did not reveal his actual name, Wrinkles was open to discussing his life — and his decision to reinvent himself as a so-called “killer clown.”

The 65-year-old military veteran said he retired in Florida in order to avoid the harsh New England winters. Although the weather was far more pleasant, the Rhode Island native said he simply was not interested in the traditional senior citizen way of life.

Instead, the retiree, who had always been fascinated by the clowning lifestyle, purchased an outfit and a mask and began marketing himself as Wrinkles the Clown. The character even has his own “killer clown” phone number.

Unlike traditional party clowns, Wrinkles’ appearance is not entirely friendly. His wrinkly, white face mask is devoid of eyes. The mouth is large, blood red, and turned down at the corners. The creepy clown is usually seen wearing a red-and-white polka dot outfit, black rubber boots, and black gloves.

For a “few hundred bucks cash,” Wrinkles the Clown is willing to appear at social events, deliver creepy telegrams, and frighten children who misbehave.

Callers who dial the so-called killer clown phone number, which is 407-734-0256, are greeted with a vaguely sinister message from Wrinkles the Clown. Those who are interested in booking the creepy clown’s services are encouraged to leave a voice mail.

Although he describes himself as “a good old-fashioned clown,” Wrinkles said he is not interested in making “stupid little balloon animals.” Instead, the “killer clown” prefers scaring children.

Wrinkles the Clown said some parents call the “killer clown” phone number to ask him to frighten their misbehaving children. In one instance, he simply stood on the sidewalk staring at his 12-year-old target while he was waiting for a bus.

News.com.au reports that the creepy clown said he did not even speak to the boy. However, the target “just started crying in front of his friends and ran home.” According to Wrinkles, the boy’s mother thanked him for scaring her son straight.

Although Wrinkles the Clown is still accepting messages through his so-called killer clown phone number, his services are usually booked up to three months ahead.

The recent killer clown craze in the United States and the United Kingdom is likely contributing to Wrinkles’ popularity.

Beginning in late August, hundreds of children and teens have reported being stalked — or attacked — by people wearing clown suits. Although authorities have confirmed that a majority of the reports are unfounded, the number of killer clown sightings have steadily increased over the last two months.

The craze has also inspired vigilantes to form groups of clown hunters, citizens who have vowed to protect the general public from the so-called killer clowns.

Some clown hunters have claimed people dressed as clowns are planning a purge night on October 30. During the event, which was named for the Purge movie series, killer clowns will reportedly wreck havoc on communities, and may become violent.

Although authorities have dispelled the rumors, the warnings have gone viral on social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

A majority of professional clowns pride themselves on their ability to make children smile. However, Wrinkles the Clown said he wants to “bring scary back.” Although he has not commented on the current killer clown craze, he is encouraging fans, and potential customers, to contact him at his so-called killer clown phone number.

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