Brazil Airport Chaos Caused By Damaged Cargo Plane

The Brazil airport chaos that recently caused a number of delays and cancellations across the nation is the direct result of a damaged cargo plane on the runway, the Associated Press reports. Although the airport in question is extremely busy, there’s only one runway to accommodate incoming and outgoing planes. As a result, over 450 flights have been affected by the problem.

Although Campinas airport is only Brazil’s ninth largest, the presence of an unmovable object on the runway has caused quite a few problems for travelers in the region as of late. The Centurion Cargo plane, otherwise known as the proverbial bump in the road, is so massive that workers require the use of special equipment to remove the aircraft from the runaway. Until that happens, chances are Brazil’s airport chaos will continue.

According to the Miami Herald, the check-in system at Tam Airlines was also on the fritz, causing even more delays in Brazil on Monday. Given that the country is preparing to host 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics, many feel that officials have a lot of work to do in order to prepare for the massive influx of folks who are slated to arrive in the coming years.

If Brazil is to properly control and contain the travelers who are expected to arrive in the country for the Olympics and the World Cup, chances are a complete overhaul of their air transportation system is in order. Officials may need to take a page from London’s Heathrow airport in order to properly maintain functionality during the scheduled events.


According to the BBC, the airport transformed a parking lot into a makeshift terminal to handle the amount of Olympic travelers coming in and out of the country. Although handling that many flyers at once is surely a headache for airport employees, it would appear that everything went off without a hitch.

“We wanted to continue the feelgood factor of the Games at the airport on our busiest day for departing athletes,” an airport spokesperson explained, stating that everything ran smoothly during the event.

Do you think the current Brazil airport chaos is a sign of things to come?