Are These Legs Shiny And Oily Or Are They Legs With White Paint On Them?

It was a simple image that asked viewers if they were looking at a photo of oily, shiny legs or legs that had been painted with white streaks. Now that same photo is going viral, as folks pass the image around and share it on their social media sites.

The below photo of either shiny, oily legs or legs with white paint on them is being compared to the popular images of the white/gold or black/blue dress that got folks up in arms not long ago. However, the photo of the legs has most folks who comment on the photo solidly in the white paint category, due to clues in the background, along with the mental suggestion that the white paint creates.

Most people who view the following photo from the Twitter account of @KingKayden see shiny legs first and then can only see white paint on the legs afterward.

According to Metro, there’s a reason many people only see white paint on the legs after initially seeing shiny and oily legs. The publication points to what psychologist Tom Toppino called sensory cues that dictate folks seeing white paint.

At first, focusing on the legs and the suggestion that they could be legs that have been oiled up and made shiny, folks are open to seeing shiny, oily legs. However, after the suggestion of the white paint comes into play and people begin to take notice of all the art pens and art supplies surrounding the legs, it is more believable that a person is looking at legs that have been doctored with white paint streaks.

Some people who view the photo admit that they don’t see shiny legs at all, only legs with white paint on them from the beginning.

The way that truly oily and shiny legs appear in photos can be seen in the below and above photos of oily legs being massaged.

There are white streaks on those oily and shiny legs, too. They are white streaks that are being reflected by the light as it hits the oily bends in the legs.

Astute viewers of the original photo note that the light isn’t reflected in the same manner in the photo at the center of the controversy.

However, it’s a neat trick of a photo that is still gaining enough interest for folks to share the photo.

The original photo by Kayden has been liked nearly 5,000 times on Twitter and retweeted nearly 4,000 times.

A Mashable report about the photo of the legs has been shared nearly 1,000 times already. It’s proof that the Internet loves optical illusions, along with comparing how one photo can be viewed in different ways by more than one person.

On Facebook, people are trying to decide if they are viewing oily legs or legs with white paint on them, too.

A sampling of the comments that are flowing into social media about the photo of the legs can be read below.

“Without a doubt, white paint. There are no light reflections or distortions on the legs as there would be if oiled.”

“I can’t see them shiny anymore.”

“Once I read it and understood it. I see the white paint but at first I thought they were shiny.”

“I don’t get why they would be oily.”

“It’s an optical illusion. Not everyone can see it.”

“How do ppl see shiny legs???”

“What if it’s plastic wrap?”

“Once my eyes focused, I saw the paint. Now I can’t see the shininess anymore.”

“I see black legs with blue paint on them.”

“All I see is paint.. idk what these ppl are talking about.”

[Featured Image by @KingKayden/Twitter]