Kim Zolciak Gone Too Far? ‘Don’t Be Tardy’ Star Slammed For Posting Inappropriate Pic Of Two-Year-Old Daughter

Kim Zolciak took things to an uncomfortable level on social media.

According to Radar Online, the Don’t Be Tardy star recently shared a topless photo of her two-year-old daughter, Kaia, with two heart emojis covering her chest.

Did Zolciak go too far?

“If you zoom in on my nose you will see my mom is already molding my face to look just like hers…” the reality star wrote alongside the image. “As I stand there in anticipation I can’t wait to see what my face will look like.”

The hashtags she added were also interesting: “#SamePlasticSurgeon #Starting AnArmyOfKims #WeDontLookAlikeCuzOfGenes #ItsPhotoshop #ImToughLikeMyBrothers #FellFlatOnMyFace #HappyFridayHaveAGreatWeekend.”

Zolciak quickly took down the photo after receiving a lot of negative backlash from fans.

In fact, She Knows is reporting that fans heavily criticized Zolciak on social media and called out her inappropriate behavior.

“Jesus, why… I love your show and all but you did get work done on your nose!” one fan wrote. “Just admit it already… you and your girls all have the same nose because you got your nose to match Brielle’s… and it looks great… better than your old nose… but enough already!!”

According to Wet Paint, other fans were not so forgiving and demanded that she take the photo down immediately.

“KIM TAKE THIS S—T DOWN NOW!” one person wrote. “If it took for you to put emojis on the pic you shouldn’t have even posted it. You raising up a bunch of Kim’s alright.”

“I know my comment will be deleted and I will be called a troll just know when horrible things like this pop up randomly I have every right to comment. You are a horrible disgusting mother,” another fan commented.

The criticism didn’t stop there.

“If this picture was posted by anyone else people would think it horrible but for some reason all if you’re crazy trash finds adore it and you. I feel sorry for your kids and the kids of your followers,” one person shared.

One fan even questioned Zolciak’s willingness to post a picture of her daughter for the entire world to see.

“There are more creeps than you’d ever realize on social media. Don’t assume people look like their photo,” the fan stated. “I would not want a pervert ogling photos of my young daughter. It’s not worth it, not even close. This is also how dangerous stalkers are bred. Please think.”

Of course, Zolciak was only trying to poke fun at all the rumors about her plastic surgery.

Even still, she could have cropped the image a little so as to not objectify her poor two-year-old daughter.

To make matters worse, Radar Online reports that Kim Zolciak’s ex-husband has a pervert past that haunts her to this day.

Back in 2011, Daniel Toce was convicted of illegal sexual contact and sexual assault with a 15-year-old family member.

Authorities started investigating Toce after a family member reported unusual behavior between Toce and the minor.

The 15-year-old told police that nothing was wrong but later recanted and revealed that Toce was sexually abusive.

“The victim said she made the false statement because she was afraid if she told the truth, Daniel Toce would find and hurt her,” the official police report explained.

The victim later revealed that she and Toce had sex on multiple occasions and that she was forced to abort one of his babies.

The family member’s identity has been kept concealed, but she was not one of Zolciak’s children.

Even still, posting images of her daughter online wasn’t a smart move on Zolciak’s behalf.

This isn’t the first time and probably not the last that Zolciak has shared something controversial on social media.

A couple months back, the reality star posted a few pics of her son in the hospital and later showed her husband, Kroy Biermann, attaching an electric dog collar to their daughter’s neck.

Zolciak is clearly unafraid to share any and everything about her life, but she could have made fun of the plastic surgery rumors in a different way.

Speaking of going under the knife, Bravo TV reports that Zolciak finally came clean about the plastic surgery rumors.

“We all know that I wear a wig, although I have amazing hair,” she explained. “I hate doing my makeup, like sitting there for an hour and then another hour for my hair? No! I’m not doing it.”

Zolciak went on to admit that she got her lips and breasts worked on in the past and has been through one tummy tuck. Not to mention her recent skin tightening procedure with Ulthera.

She stopped short of admitting to having a nose job, though she did reveal that cute noses run in the family.

New episodes of Don’t Be Tardy air Wednesday nights on Bravo.

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[Featured Image by Bravo]